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  • DC333 - tea tree oil can act like estrogen in the body

    Strong stuff! I use this on pimples when I can feel them forming and it makes them go away right away.

  • Michael Bratchie - I purchased this product from Amazon because I was in ...

    I purchased this product from Amazon because I was in a jamb. I needed to detox myself by Wednesday. I ordered this on a Sunday. Took the precleanse (6 pills in a packet, you have to do 6 pills each day, two days prior to testing and drink plenty of water) and the day of the test drank 20 Oz of water every two hours before taking the xxtra clean, drank the extra clean, waited 15 minutes, filled the bottle with water and drank it. Pee 3 Or more times after that prior to testing and keep drinking 20 Oz of water every two hours after that. I also took two Azo cranberry pills the morning of the test. It is essential that the actual test is done within 2-3 hours after drinking the xxtra clean for optimal results. It worked for me, follow the instructions and it will most likely work for you too.

  • James P. - Works well, just like all the previous versions

    I have been using Street Atlas USA for at least 20 years, so this review will be biased by that. This 2015 version continues what I consider to be their long line of great software. As I am experienced with how they do things, this program is easy for me to use. But I do have to say my wife, who is not an experienced user, nor a computer genius, had no problems using it.

  • sharon loper - Not so good

    When applying to the chin area it makes the saliva glands start working. A product that does that doesn't seem save to use.