HMRI-Huntington Medical Research Institutes - Huntington Medical Research Institute (HMRI) is a nonprofit medical research institute with programs in neural engineering, imaging and spectroscopy, molecular cardiology, neurology and cell can cancer biology.

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City: -118.4041 California, United States

  • Allie Potter-Gergel - Everyone's Dream

    I have read that someone was looking for a REAL amazon review, so here is one just for you! Back in 2009, My husband and I were young and had a young infant daughter to support. I was out of work from my 2nd trimester until my daughter was 6 months old and my husband was one of the unfortunate ones hit by the employment freeze. We tried hard to scrape by under the circumstances. He was looking through the classifieds in the newspaper and found this sales job and looked into it. He took the job to help make a little money. That's when I discovered Cutco. I as a woman who spends time in the kitchen, would be miserable if I didn't have my homemaker+8!!! It really does make the work easier. These knives are very durable and easy to clean. Compare the table knives to what you would buy at Wal-Mart or any other home store and you will never go back to the cheap set again. My mother has the old, wooden handled steak knives from when I was little (25-30 years ago) and I hate, hate, hate them. The plastic handled ones that my dad and stepmom have feel like they are going to break. The butter knives that come in a silverware set cant come close to the abilities of these knives!

  • Ian s. - For my first ever gaming pc I'm completely satisfied. If your into battlefield like I am it ...

    For my first ever gaming pc I'm completely satisfied. If your into battlefield like I am it runs bf3 and bf4 on ultra settings with no issues at all. Probably will be able to run bf1 on medium to high settings easily

  • William Schlosser - The Sole E35 - A great Elliptical!

    I had done a ton of research since Dec 09 for the best Elliptical for me. I had looked at just about every make and model- visited several sporting goods stores and read just about every review on every type. After a month or so of this I decided on a Sole E35. I ordered it on a Sunday and received it the following Friday! This was with the free super-saver delivery... so do yourself a favor and dont pay the extra $100+ for the quicker shipping as I got it in the same amount of time...

  • Maria Arce - Pain!!

    Again, After reading the reviews I thought this lip plumper would not burn the heck out of my lips. I was wrong... It does burn like the dickens. I threw it away...

  • Lasers - Not just for babies

    Great for dry skin! I usually get body washes and shampoos that are meant for kids, because they have less chemicals in them. It's lightly scented, the smell reminds me of my little ponies from the 80s.

  • Moonglows Mom - Quite Pleased with Kaspersky

    I'm only sorry that I didn't choose a 5 user package. It seems to do a fine job without slowing the machine down. I have labored with anti-virus products that are so slow I have been thoroughly exasperated with their effect on my use of the machine. Kaspersky doesn't seem to do this, although occasionally I am bewildered by pages it suggests that I not view because they are 'fishing' sites. I just go about getting the information from a different page, but it always surprises me when it does this. It does have a tendency to remind me why I have an anti-virus package though. As long as you remember that it will try to update itself first, don't try to turn on your machine and go, turn it on and go get your coffee. Then it will be updated and you won't be annoyed. It really doesn't take long to update though, seems to be leaner or better written than some other programs.

  • Thok - By far one of my best purchases this year

    By far one of my best purchases this year. If your hair curls easily with little heat, then do NOT clamp the Tyme iron down all the way bc this thing is HOT. Once I learned how to apply less pressure, I have beautiful curls that last ALL day with no signs of damage to my sensitive hair. Absolutely love this thing.