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Country:, North America, US

City: -121.8914 California, United States

  • Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads - A beautiful and SEXY romantic comedy, brimming with heat, hope, and tons of heart!

    R.S. Grey is an author that I absolutely ADORE! I have so much faith in her work, that I don’t need any information about her books before I purchase them. She never EVER disappoints and always gives her readers exactly what they never knew they wanted. A PLACE IN THE SUN is just another example of that fact. This beautiful and sexy romantic comedy is brimming with heat, hope, and tons of heart! Grey delivers a romance so vivid and so passionate, you have no choice but to immerse your whole self into the story. A woman looking for love. A man so desperate to never love again. When their worlds collide, there is nothing to stop their walls from crumbling down. Get your passports ready ladies, R.S. Grey takes us on a beautiful journey to Vernazza, Italy where you will fall in love with the sights and the company.

  • jrtalent - Save your money and frustration.

    Did 2 back-ups to Seagate drives. Downloaded the manual to make sure I could do the restore. Tried for hours to restore the backups without success. Went to their web site for help, that is a colossal waste of time. Tried to sign in to contact support, site kept sending me into loops. Save your money. I don't know if you if can get my money back for this crap-ware, so this is my revenge. Oh by the way, they want more money to use their cloud.

  • Roy Aber - do not waste your money!

    We bought Restore to finish our upper deck and save us from having to re-stain it every 2-3 years. This stuff ain't cheap and a gallon doesn't cover very much area. And, you have to apply two coats so your investment begins to increase exponentially. After one Pennsylvania winter the Restore is peeling and flaking off in large chunks. And, yes, we followed the instuctions to the letter.

  • Patricia C. - Would not recommend. (terrible reaction to it)

    Got this because i saw a youtuber recommend it, its awful. I wanted to treat myself and get a higher up shampoo, but never again. As soon as i started using it i noticed my head began to itch, i didn't think anything of it until it just got worse and worse. I'd wake up every night at 3 and itch it for about an hour. About a week goes by and i start thinking i might have lice or something, so i have multiple people check and no lice. My scalp was red and bloody with bumps everywhere, and a lot of dandruff. I had some kind of reaction to the shampoo. I know everyones scalp/hair is different but this isn't something anyone should go through, so just thought i'd share my review.

  • Sweengolly - Be the man

    Came in perfect condition and this is a good year! I prefer the slimmer snowflake's branches like this. Wife loves it. I am the man.