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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • DRM,RN - Works great, keeps your drink cold for hours.

    We are big outdoors people and I love to have a nice cold beverage in hand. This keep my drink nice an ice cold. This works for both cans or bottles. The lip does come up a little higher on a can, but you can still drink just fine from it without spilling. The sweat proof design is also bonus. So nice to not have anything dripping all over everything. I was able to add our name to the outside with vinyl and it is sticking very well, I don't want this walking away on me. These can coolers have been the big hit all summer and I can see why. Nothing is better then having a drink stay cold while playing bags, sitting around the fire, or even setting up camp. Great product. I did receive this for a discount for my fair and honest opinion.

  • jazzjune - Good brand, but I would rate it higher if ...

    Good brand, but I would rate it higher if it came in a 250mg capsule. For my body chemistry, The 200mg dose is not as effective as the 250mg (such as the GNC brand). Attempting to section off capsules to increase the dosage is a messy, inaccurate business.

  • Joe King - Excellent Condition.

    Arrived today without any missing pages. No hand written notes inside. Binding was still intact without folds or breaks. Book about two inches thick. This will be enjoyable with all the wonderful information inside.

  • Matt - Keep looking

    I like that it's small and it blends right in with the vehicle, however, I'm not sold on the reception being equal to my OEM antenna. I basically listen to three stations in my area. With my old antenna, they came in crystal clear (they're local stations after all). With the Stubby, if I'm going through an area with trees or hills, they get static-y or fade altogether.

  • Monica Vazquez - It works

    This seems to work quite well. We've been using it for 1 month now and no fleas in sight. It does smell a bit, so it's best to use outside.