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  • Kourtney - I have terrible, swollen

    I have terrible, swollen, bloody gums and a lower bottom tooth that is slightly mobile. I brush, string floss (not often do I floss), and use special mouth wash daily. My gums were still sensitive and bloody. I kid you not, by the SECOND day of using the water pick/flosser nightly, the swelling around my bottom front teeth decreased. By the THIRD day, the extreme bleeding has subsided and my gums hurt waaaaaaaay less. I just use the daily pick attachment and have thus far seen incredible results. I fill up the container with hot water and pick away until the water is gone. My gums were sore the first night but have gotten so much better. I can't believe I waited so long to buy this! One of the best investments I have made concerning my oral health.

  • J. Rosio - After four months here's what I've seen......

    I've been taking 5 packets a day for most of the four months I've been taking it. I have chronic candida, and have spent so much money on all kinds of probiotics and have finally had some success with this product. Other probiotics have not been as effective as this one. Most of my sympoms are fading but I am not cured. I will probably be on maintenance with this for a long time, since my case is severe. I really struggled with whether to use this product or not because my doctor was unfamiliar with it but I called GHT with about a LOT of questions and they were so gracious to answer (a real human called me; someone who was very knowledgeable and took all the time I needed). When I first took this I had red spots all over for a while but they went away. That was a good sign, they said -- that the toxins were leaving. It's proved to be true, I believe. Another very important Amazon purchase for me: The Yeast Connection Cookbook: A Guide to Good Nutrition and Better Health (Paperback)has been a companion book that's helped me through the landmine field of foods that trigger yeast. It's not been easy (emotionally, to give up the foods I love), but the book is written well and is very detailed. I've not followed it perfectly but pretty closely. I believe that's also been an integral part of my healing. I have to give God the glory, most of all. This has put me on my knees often and He has answered prayer.

  • Alec B - PS4 BABY

    I have had my PS4 for 2 months now and it is awesome. The controller feels great, and has the much needed improvement over the past PS controllers. The Seamless transition from game to main menu then either back or to a new app is great. The updated Party features the are more like how the Xbox 360 is, makes this an almost flawless system. Few things I don't like it getting to messages sent to me, or updates to what my friends are playing, It's hard to sort through and find the High score updates so I know what Im trying to beat them at. Other then that I love this console!! Add the PS app to your phone for wireless keyboard function and you have everything you need for a great gaming system!

  • Growly - Great way to save money from Time Warner's leasing fees

    When Time Warner decided to charge a "leasing fee" for the cable modem I had for my internet, a few people told me that I could get my own cable modem instead of paying Time Warner for it. I decided to wait a bit until buying one, as the modems were still about two years' worth of lease fees.

  • Tracy from WI - a low suger version of "eat this not that"

    So far I seriously love this cookbook & diet plan. Prior to buying this book I have already tried to make many changes (using only whole wheat products, drinking water not sodas, trying to limit sugars) but still I had trouble designing meal plans that we can stick with and we are in a rut. I am also type 2 diabetic and so I know with absolute certainty that sugar is like a poison to my body. I need to cut myself off from it totally cold turkey but I needed help figuring out what to eat and how to eat instead with options that I will WANT to eat. That's the whole key for me is teaching myself how to make things that I will crave and will enjoy, which will create a healthier way of life.

  • judy mcneely - Great planning tool

    By using the shaded areas of this Fiske Guide, a student can calculate whether a college is a stretch, mid, or safety school. The combining of this Fiske Guide plus the book 25 Months Until College [on Amazon], a student can work through the steps for applying.