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  • Smiling Medusa - Another smart read by Ronson

    Jon Ronson's wit and insight make even the most insane moments and events enjoyable page turners. A great, short read.

  • NickyD - Silky smooth legs

    I love this stuff! I use it after I shave my legs and underarms for exfoliation and moisturizing. My legs look better than they ever have - I'm very prone to ingrown hairs but my legs are noticeably smoother and softer. I also use this to exfoliate the back of my neck where my short hair cut requires some shaving/trimming to prevent/treat ingrown hairs there as well. I love it for the backs of my arms, which get bumpy.

  • Ed the Pilot - Its okay for an expensive limited device.

    The unit has a way too sensitive screen, It jumps around when touching it. Called Garmin customer support and they had no answer for this.

  • David Van Der Heide - Its a lie

    This product is fairly decent but it is not an all in one at all. For instance it claims that it replaces an electrolyte drink. It contains 2% daily value of sodium and 1% daily value of potassium in one serving. That is not replacing, and if it does that poorly at replacing one drink, it really makes you wonder about the other claims. Highly disappointed and not close to the $200 value they claim.

  • Diane Rawls - Juice Plus

    Everything went exactly as expected, just wish I could get a better price. Thanks for everything and hope for better pricing in the future.

  • David Burrell - Waste of effort, time and money.

    This product does not do what anything that the commercials say that it will do. I tried it more than three years ago and it made no difference at all on the hard water deposits on my shower doors, either calcium or lime.