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  • Annette - Bio-Oil should warn you--but since they didn't I will!

    I just purchased this product and I'm not a fan. The smell is overwhelming and not in a good way, and it is way too oily. Not to mention, after using this product for less than 2 weeks I developed a rash on my arms- there are these little bums around my stretch marks! And after researching, I found out I'm not the only one that this has happened to. The formula used in Bio-Oil has mineral oil. Which is also used in Johnson's Baby Oil! And I know that I'm allergic to Johnson's baby oil, because when I use it I get rashes all over. Now I'm stuck with this and it was a totally waste. So beware everyone :( Especially those with sensitive skin.

  • Sharon - So helpful!

    Great tips and tricks. This is the nuts and bolts of the ACT in a simple, readable text. There are easy rules that students just may not know.

  • Amazon Customer - WHAT A SCAM!

    This has to be the worst product ever. I have been using Osteo Biflex since I had knee surgery in 2005 per my doctor's recommendation. It works pretty well, but I started having a few foot problems, I decided to try this because it is supposedly the best per some websites. After taking it for one week, I have had more pain than in the last 9 years AND my hair and skin started getting so dry that my hair felt like straw. I wasn't sure it was the Flexoplex, so I decided not to take it and get back on Osteo Biflex. After two weeks, I feel better, much less pain and my hair shines again and my skin isn't like a lizard. They say there is a 60 day money back guarantee, but they won't take back an unsealed bottle. So how can they offer a guarantee when you have to open the bottle to try it. It's another scam.