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Behandeling: longkanker, darmkanker - Aanvullende behandeing van kanker met voeding en supplementen. De behandeling is op basis van wetenschappelijk onderzoek ontwikkeld. kanker borstkanker pancreaskanker longkanker darmkanker huidkanker leverkanker nierkanker prostaatkanker alvleesklierkanker baarmoederkanker baarmoederhalskanker kahler keelkanker baarmoeder borst borsten leukemie melanoom darm prostaat lever schildklier blaas teelbal long maagkanker tumor tumoren gezwel gezwellen kwaadaardig chemokuur chemo chemotherapie radiotherapie bestraling bestralingskuur bestralingtherapie therapie dikkedarmkanker bijwerkingen metastase chirurg carsinoom sarcoom oncoloog oncologie houtsmuller moerman dieet pilliewillie kanker2

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City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Nadia Bhuyain - Not worth it, no changes seen here

    Spent so much on this to see no improvement in texture or appearance, total waste of money! I'm really upset about the fact that it's touted as highly as it is but to no avail.

  • Bettylouise - Blessings And Evil

    I have read all the previous Aurora Teagarden books so I was delighted to discover this book. A variety of emotions is covered including joy, kindness gays, bullying, and evil. Roe and Robin are celebrating their marriage and the bundle of joy they are expecting. Four teenagers are missing and another is found dead. Philip, Roe's brother is among the missing. As events began to unravel the facts that one of missing has been bullied, another has a gay lover and another teenager has been kidnapped and a ramson requested made. Christmas is just days away and Rae wants to find answers before then. The ending will horrify you. I highly recommend this series.

  • Sebas - Good tester. Great value.

    After finishing remodeling my basement the inspectors found an outlet with reversed polarity (of course, it was the only outlet I did not replace from the entire basement!) One inspector suggested getting a tester, so I got this Sperry.

  • Austin Mark - Bonus Reward via Amazon email

    Software is excellent, but you still have to be aware of certain aspects of the tax law (like local sales tax) to maximize your deductions. With regards to the Amazon bonus rewards, be aware that the email comes from Amazon and not H&R Block. I was getting concerned that after I received an email from H&R Block that my taxes had been accepted by the IRS to look for an email regarding rewards. I didn't get one from H&R Block, but it was buried in my emails from Amazon.

  • Theophilus DRA - Vacuuming is now FUN??? No KIDDING!

    FIVE STARS. THE PERFECT VACUUM HAS ARRIVED.(Hoover Platinum Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum) I am a male homeowner (engineer) with a wife and 4 children and am a vacuuming nut. I actually modified TWO 7 year old eureka "theboss cordlesss upright vacuum" to use sears lithium batteries because the nickel cadmium batteries all other vacuums use are so poor. Then I found the hoover vac with linx or lithium batteries. WOW!!! I now have one of these on all 3 floors of our house. Talk about convenient and easy to use. The recharger is plugged in and ready and sits nearby. My wife and I love being able to just grab a lightweight vac whenever we want and just clean a spill made by our active toddler or vacuum a room when it needs it. No more winding and unwinding cords and pulled back muscles and scraped hands struggling to bend over furniture to plug and unplug and remove baby protectors and wasted trips back and forth to the outlets hidden behind sofa's etc. No more backbreaking trips up and down the stairs with a 20 pound vacuum in and out of the closet. I know people will say I am a nut, but YES I actually ENJOY vacuuming now. It is like the difference between a gas pushmower and driving my green riding tractor around the yard. This vac saves hours of time, because you spend your time vacuuming rather than plugging and unplugging 12 times and dragging a heavy vacuum up and down 2 flights of stairs and back and forth. AND BONUS!!! the carpet is cleaner because we vacuum more often and the AIR is cleaner with less dust in the air. You can pick these up new for just around $120 on the internet and they are worth every penny! I also got a Lithium hand vac! Awesome as well. You see how much dirt Both of these units pick up and it is amazing. Our family loves to snack(ie drop crumbs all over from pizza, toast, etc) and we keep the upright in the kitchen/family room and we use it every day to keep the area looking great after meals and snacks. And yes, it works great on carpet also! The other area we clean all the time is by the door. We are in and out a lot and it is great for picking up the sand and leaves etc each day. Our house always looks clean. If you want to vacuum 4500 square feet in one pass, this may not be the vac for you, but we do a room here and there as needed and we generally recharge the battery once a week. Only a lithium battery is going to allow you to do that. I hope Hoover does well with this item and that we see lots of competition follow suit. I would like to see a high end dual 24volt battery model with upholstery brush. Our regular vac went in the garbage can this week. While others are making giant expensive vac's that look like spaceships and are self propelled monsters, Hoover is on the right track. Light, powerful and easy to use! And way more convenient then a central vac which costs hundreds more! I could go on and on...did I mention the 6 year warranty? And NO , I don't work for Hoover or know anyone that does. MY VOTE FOR PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2009.

  • Sarah Langston - The only tool I'll use anymore!!

    I could not be happier with this iron!! Although some people say it's tricky to get used to, there are plenty of tutorials to help get the hang of it, and learning to curl with a regular flat iron took longer. The high temperature? I used to keep all my other tools on the highest setting anyway. These curls are so lovely and last all day. The iron itself is gorgeous! The shipping was incredibly fast! It's everything promised. Thank you, Tyme!!