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  • John C - QuickBooks Mac

    The switch from Peachtree to QuickBooks was tedious at first but quickly compensated the loss of time. My one gripe is the arrows to select the date are tiny. Other than that it is much faster at processing and has been able to keep up with my instinctive commands.

  • J. Telon - FINALLY!

    The Kinky Curly product line is awesome! It does exactly what it says. The Come Clean shampoo lathers up well and smells great. My hair was clean and not stripped. The Knot Today conditioner is a great leave in conditioner! My hair is very thick. It detangled my hair with no problems. The Curling Custard is worth every penny! It goes a long way too. My hair is curly, soft, and has a nice sheen. I usually have to two-strand twist my hair for the wave pattern to keep, but with the custard I just section of my hair a pull the custard down to my ends. It waves and curls up instantly! If the weather is too cool to air dry, I use a soft bonnet dryer to dry my hair. The hair spritz has a nice hold; my hair is still soft afterward. I would recommend this product line to anyone who has natural kinky curly hair!

  • Jille - Keep Kava Kava Kalm

    This just takes the edge off... An excellent product. Have taken this product for several years with no side effects.

  • Holly vardy - I liked how it would brew a carafe and also a ...

    I was excited about this brewer at first. I liked how it would brew a carafe and also a single cup. What I don't like is that I can use a reusable k cup in it. Had I known that I would have never bought this system. Even after finding that out I had planned on keeping the machine. That was until I went to buy more k cups. I bought a pack that said for use in keurig systems. When I went to use one of the cups from my new pack up the machine would not brew it. How annoying!!!! Now I have purchased something and opened it and I can't use it?!! Terrible machine. I will be returning it.

  • D.C. - It works for me before my presentations

    First of all, I wanted to state that I didn't receive this product for free or at a discounted price.

  • Amazon Customer - Total disappointment

    I have been a fan of the PES series since 2011 and have preferred it over FIFA. When I downloaded the DEMO for PES 2014 I did not like how things would come for the final version. The game has a lag on many parts mostly when you get closer to your opponent area. Also, mi biggest disappointment is that how come Konami after several years still have not gotten rights for all teams uniforms and names. This is a big miss for us as buyers of this game, the lack of attention to the names for some national teams such as central america teams is just ridiculous and has no excuse

  • J. Parrish - Save your money for a real homebrew kit

    If you are seriously interested in creating great homebrew beer, then this kit is NOT for you. I've been making homebrew beer for about 1.5 years. I was given a Mr Beer kit as a gift and tried making two different styles of beer. The first was a pale ale, and the second was an oatmeal stout. The pail ale was just OK, and the stout was undrinkable. To make a long story short... the Mr Beer kit cuts some important corners in the brewing process at the expense of the quality of the beer.