Laura Giles Home - Laura Giles, LCSW Holistic Counseling in Richmond, VA - What makes Laura Giles different? When you are ready to change and want holistic counseling in Richmond, VA, the choice is clear. Call Laura GIles, LCSW.

  • About Laura Giles, LCSW - Laura Giles, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker, speaker, and author based in Richmond, Virginia. Her passion is helping people to discover their own
  • How Laura Can Help- Laura Giles, LCSW Richmond, VA - Laura Giles, LCSW offers holistic counseling in Richmond. Her integrative approach addresses the needs of the whole person. Here is how Laura can help you.
  • Breathwork- Laura Giles, LCSW in Richmond, Virginia - Breathwork is a holistic therapy that uses conscious, intentional breathing techniques to facilitate emotional release and relaxation. By breathing fully
  • Holistic Counseling in Richmond, VA with Laura Giles, LCSW - Holistic counseling is about uniting the mind, body, and spirit. When one of out of balance, it impacts the others. If you can work towards wellness in way
  • Nutritional Rebalancing- Hair Test - If so, you could probably benefit from nutritional rebalancing or what many call a hair test. Nutritional rebalancing is about commitment to a healthy life
  • Past Life Regression in Richmond, VA with Laura Giles, LCSW - Past life regression is a therapeutic process that can help explain things, relieve problems, and lead to spiritual growth and understanding.
  • Quantum Touch Energy Healing in Richmond, VA - Quantum Touch energy healing is a natural way to restore the mind and body to optimal functioning.
  • Self-Help - Laura Giles, LCSW Holistic Counseling in Richmond, VA - Read self help articles written by Laura Giles, LCSW and get started on changing your life today. Learn new skills, change your thinking, change your life.
  • contact Laura Giles, LCSW counseling in Richmond, VA - The fastest way to contact Laura Giles in Richmond, VA is via text or email. To make an appointment, scroll down to the form, please.
  • Neurofeedback (LENS) in Richmond, Virginia with Laura Giles - LENS neurofeedback, in Richmond, Virginia with Laura Giles, is a natural brain training tool that can result in quick, permanent improvement in functioning
  • Sacred Travel Tours with Laura Giles, LCSW - What is Sacred Travel? Sacred travel is simply going to a destination with the consciousness, openness, and the intention to fully experience what is there
  • Be Choosy - Laura Giles, LCSW Holistic Counseling in Richmond, VA - For many of us, the ease of acquisition has made us spoiled. comfortable, and a bit jaded. If you'd like to shake that off, be choosy. Pay attention to how
  • How to Meet Your Emotional Needs - Laura Giles, LCSW Holistic Counseling in Richmond, VA - But do you ever wonder how to meet your emotional needs? Most of us look outside of ourselves for this. We either try to find a person who fills us up or find it in our work. When those things are good, we're good. This works for a lot of people a lot of the time.
  • Four Stages of Learning - Laura Giles, LCSW Holistic Counseling in Richmond, VA - Noel Burch identified the four stages of learning. Knowing these stages can really help you make accurate assessments of your own level of skill. They can
  • Gasp! What Will People Think? - Laura Giles, LCSW Holistic Counseling in Richmond, VA - Do you spend time worrying about what will people think? Does it immobilize you? If so, you're probably giving too much of your power away. If you want to

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