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  • levite - Easy Applicator

    I was once told by a male friend that my eyebrows are lopsided - one side is higher than the other. I never felt so insecure as that moment. The hairs on my brows don't grow in the right direction, and upper hairs on my left brow, are somewhat thinner and from far, create an impression of not being there thus that lopsided-ness. For a season I pursued oils and serum that would help my eyebrows grow so they would look even. I came across BANG - interesting product because

  • BORN AGAIN - that's why I knew for sure it was going to work great for me

    I ordered the original and waited one month to get it. I became a distributor because I was seeing so many results and I was so excited because I was going to lose 15-20 pounds in a month or two and one package two tea bags that makes one gallon is a 30 day supply for 39.95 and I got mine for half price because I became a distributor at the 100 dollar investment. Today is June 18, and I am on my 6 pack 12 tea bags which should have lasted for 5-6 months and I HAVE NOT LOST A POUND!!! I am not one to ever hardly complain, but I am so hurt and embarrassed because I was telling everyone about it and it did absolutely nothing. I've been told that the tea used to be dark and mine I made it exactly according to the directions on the packs of tea and the tea was very very very light. I even put it in cup size and it was dark but I still lost not one pound. I am not a extremely overweight person, that's why I knew for sure it was going to work great for me. There is a site called the Moneyteam that used to be with Iaso Tea and she pulled out with her customers and up line reps, and she told me that she heard the ingredients have been changed. They definitely must have been and changed for the worse. Please do not waste your money on this product and yes I am upset and I don't want anyone else to get their hopes up on this tea, because it does not work. I'm not fat, I just wanted to lose the extra pounds I've put on my thighs and muffin top. I had even spent over 100 dollars at Staples while I was waiting for the tea on business cards, promotional before and after photos of people poster and I have not given out one card neither will I promote something that does not work, because I live a Godly (Jesus Christ) life.

  • Carmen - So far everything works well.

    Bought this for my boyfriend as a birthday present. He wanted a video camera that he could make short films with. He is getting on great with it so far :) It's a pretty simple piece of kit, but that's fine for him

  • Taylor - Best ball for swing speeds below 105, no matter your handicap.

    Best ball I have used. I regularly used Taylormade Tour, Callaway Hex Diablo Tour and Titlelist NXT Tour which were balls with fair distance and great feel on the greens. I also tried Pro V1 which showed how good the NXT was for about $12 less per dozen. I also used the cheap balls like Wilson Duo (ok ball) or Taylormade Super Deep which felt like hitting rocks. When I started playing golf, I went out for a round with a coworker with about a 10 handicap and he said I should use a hard ball for distance. But, I definitely don't like the feel of a hard ball off driver, irons, wedges, and especially don't like those hard balls off my putter.


    Intuit has, by far, the worst customer service I have ever seen from any company. I have been on multiple phone calls adding up to over 3 and half hours just trying to return my Quickbooks product that I was completely dissatisfied with!!!! It was like a practical joke that everyone there was playing on me. I would ask a question, only to get a response every time like, "I don't know. Let me check on that. Give me a minute." Well, that minute became about 10-15 minutes. When the person came back, they were never able to give me a cohesive answer.