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  • kidcosmo - Not really what was advertised for Quicken

    A lot of their advertising focuses on the "easy import to Quicken". I've found, just after 24 hours, you have to do several workarounds to get things to import into Quicken and even then, many transactions don't actually get into the register. The transactions that do get entered do not have the digital copy of the receipt attached as advertised. I feel really duped with this product in that regard. Otherwise, it seems to be a great scanner, especially for OCR functionality, but soooo not worth the money in the long run.

  • Melissa Tyson - Best hair mask I've ever used

    Best hair mask I've ever used...better than Aveda's Dry Therapy!! The smell is amazing, incredibly rich and creamy and leaves my hair super soft and beautifully scented.

  • Melody - This WORKS!!!

    For years, I have searched for a product that can truly work to remove cat pee from the carpet in areas where it is not practical to remove the carpet. Some products claim to work but are not very effective. Urine Off does work. I have used the Urine Off on parts of the carpet where my cat really soaked the carpet with pee and it no longer has any sign that the cat had peed there -- no smell and no stain. The affected area, when you wet it with the Urine Off, can smell worse for a few days but this is due to the moisture. Be assured that the enzymes are at work and the smell will go away. I usually thoroughly soak the area with Urine Off, rub it in and then cover it with the plastic backed mattress pads that people use on children's beds (with the plastic facing the carpet). After about a week or so, remove the cover. It may take a month for the enzymes to completely do their job but the smell will not come back unless your cat pees again in the same spot.

  • J. Amador - Just as advertised

    This is a very high Quality antena the material looks very good and the performance of the antena is the same or even at bit better than the factory antenna. I installed it in a Ford Explorer 2004 to address the problem of hight when getting into my garage.

  • Hugh Jass - The only TRUE Washing Machine Cleaner (and here's why...)

    This is the only TRUE Washing Machine Cleaner and the reason is actually much more simple than you might think!