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  • Tracey Laughery - Looks and feels great!

    Only been using this for a week or so but I love the feel of it on my skin, absorbs well and is not greasy like a lot of other products. Fast shipping and good price too, will buy from seller again😌

  • old programmer - Inadequate support and excessive popups

    This came pre-installed on my system that I use for software development and test. I do not allow automatic updates of any program for various reasons and only perform manual updates. After disabling automatic updates for McAfee I would start seeing popups telling me that I was out of date and an update had not been done recently. This appears to occur on roughly five day intervals. After going through McAfee's very poor support, who kept on wanting to access my machine after repeating several times "No", I gave up and decided to remove McAfee and move to another company's product. Much like Norton, McAfee appears to have lost sight of the user that desires flexibility over a one size fits all solution (not that I think manual updates is all that rare of a desire).

  • Amazon Customer - Subpar Hi-Top

    These shoes are definitely a far cry from my older B-Ball Shoes. The sole in particular leaves a lot to be desired. I will say to the "Pro" side of things that they are nice looking shoes. No qualms about that. However, that is not on the top of my list by any means. The unfortunate "Bad"...poor traction on the court, very poor. Night and day difference from my much older and more worn Nike. Very disappointing. Second, the sole itself is not cushioned well. I'm not talking about the insole here. That can be remedied easy enough with an insert. My aging Nike's fell apart after years of hanging around. You can see why they were better for comfort as well. I cannot recommend these to anyone looking to play competitive basketball. Fortunately, I'm just a coach so a little slip sliding away is not a big deal. My suggestion is to look elsewhere. Take it for what it is worth.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't use this product

    If you are contemplating buying a corn remover product or have it sitting in your home while you read reviews, DON'T use these products. To sum things up for you, you are about to place ACID on your skin. Instead, go to YouTube and find a home remedy using natural ingredients, but first really look at your foot. Decide whether it is even that bad to mess with it. Everyone's feet don't have to look absolutely perfect and many times all the issues begin when we must wear these shoes that don't care about what our feet will look like when we take them off. It takes some time for corns to develop and any quick fixes should be looked at with much scepticism.

  • Breemomma - Fits my infant car seat but lacks ANY storage

    I researched and researched for MONTHS to find a lightweight compact stroller that would work with my infant car seat. With three kids and a Mazda 5 minivan with very limited trunk space- I needed a stroller that would fit in the tight space and still work with my car seat. I thought about a stroller frame but decided not to get one because I would need to buy another stroller with my baby grew out of the car seat. I really wanted to get a maclaren. One of their strollers works with infant car seats but it's $350 and I couldn't justify spending that much money. After looking online I went to the local big box baby superstore and checked out their strollers. I tried a bunch and even took a couple out to my car to see if they fit in my trunk. (After asking the sales people of course). Nothing fit as well as this one.