Eating Disorders, Weight Management & Mental Health in Belfast - We are a team of leading professionals in the field of psychological interventions and personal change. Our team includes UKCP accredited psychotherapists, eating disorder clinicians, registered & accredited coaches, nutritionists and holistic therapists.

  • Professional Psychotherapy Training in Belfast - Life Therapies Clinic - Life Therapies Clinic offers UKCP accredited Psychotherapy and NLP training with a dedicated 4 year pathway to UKCP accreditation

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  • Amazon Customer - Luv it! Luv it! Luv it!

    This is amazing coffee. I have been searching for years for a coffee that is rich, satisfying and brings a smile to my face every sip. Instead of Casi Ciello, it should be named, "Heaven in a cup." I have served this coffee at dinner parties to rave reviews (and I have very picky friends). The only disappointment is that it is only available during certain times of the year. I wonder if Casi Ciello lovers could convince Starbucks to have this wonderful blend available all year?

  • A Real Review♥ - Not enough change from U3415W to warrant the price hike.

    Don't see the point in a monitor like this from least not at this price point. If it was 500 dollars, it would be the best monitor money can buy. But at 1200, you can get nearly TWO U3415W's with the only difference being the curve of the monitor. Even color gamut is unchanged at 99% sRGB color. Dell, if you're going to release a product more expensive than your last, it needs to be BETTER. And at this price, significantly better.

  • R. Vaags - Prepare for relentless soliciting!

    The software program itself would have gotten a good rating but it is the relentless soliciting I have been getting from Intuit that awards this rating a mere 1 star!