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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 10.1333 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

  • C. Campbell - Five Stars

    Very helpful manual to have--great go to for quick do-it-yourself repairs and answers questions. Helpful pictures and instructions.

  • Crystal - These work sometimes. It really depends on if you ...

    These work sometimes. It really depends on if you are already a little tired or not. I still have issues waking up in the middle of my sleep on these. They do nothing for my boyfriend who is on 3rd shift. Guess it really depends on the person.

  • Lisa90540i - Freedom in moving from area to area

    Have the blower and enjoy the freedom of the battery pack. This works great, trimming, small grass spots and edging. Battery life is not as long as I'd like but with the extra battery; I was able to complete both my back and front yard. Of course I have a smaller lot; not an acre.

  • Robert W Bollinger - Bad purchase

    I have been quite disappointed with my purchase. First off, the pan is less than half the weight of my other nonstick pans of comparable size indicating a lack of quality. The handle is very thin with a poor "grip feel". Then I washed it out with hot soapy water, dried it thoroughly and fried an egg with no addition of oil. It did not release like they show on TV, in fact I had to use a spatula to get it out. Deceiving advertising. I tried scrambled eggs and they didn't do any better than my other nonstick pans. Had I known about the quality, I would never have made the purchase. The low price should have told me something. And I would certainly return it but for $25, it's not worth my time,effort and expense. And I definitely would not recommend it to any one else.

  • Steve - easy to install!

    Shipped fast and easy to install. I'm very happy with it. Only used it for 2 tanks of gas but seems to have helped the gas mileage a little bit.

  • Susana Moreno - rejuvicare its work

    sierto, este producto te da una umectacion a la piel y el cabello se pone brilloso , mis piernas no ocupan locion ni crema , me bano i solo seco mi piel y me visto. y mi piel se ve fresca y suave, aqui lo encontre mas economico. [email protected]