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  • Mcmccraney2006 - This stuff works I took it for two months every ...

    This stuff works I took it for two months every day and don't want what I eat and only do normal every day stuff and lost about 20lbs. I switched to another product because I live over seas and the US base was sold out and I have not gained any weight but I haven't lost any. Will be ordering then from now on because they truly work! I was 206 now I'm 189

  • Rene Duran - This is a monster

    Love the ps4 so far .. am extremely impress on how the graphics and how it performs. Sony listen to its fans and added all the features we wanted and cant wait to see what else is to come. Not to sound like a fanboy or anything but if you want a next gen system imo the ps4 is the way to go. Most Xbox games cant run games on 1080p. All ps4 games run 1080p.

  • narocks23 - over priced

    illegal to sell on here and if caught these people will not be selling it at all. And you can get it cheaper from a ethical ambassador

  • Amazon Customer - so good. I overused the first time

    Bought to use in shampoo to deter lice. So far, so good. I overused the first time. Only need a few drops in the bottle. My girls haven't gotten lice again even though they have friends who have them!

  • Amazon Customer - Ranch flavored s***

    Proof that there is a hell.... smells as if roadkill came back to life just long enough to s*** into the mouth of someone who had been drinking spoiled milk and eating cat turds previously then that person breathed into your nose directly.