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  • sandi mckenzie - the neway drum did not fix the problem, replaced ...

    the neway drum did not fix the problem, replaced per the instructions and still getting the reading on the machine to replace drum, still having issues with printing as far as noise and lines on the papers.

  • Rich B - Don't believe the negative reviews

    I've used Finale for many years, and currently own the 2014 version for Windows. Like any complex software there is a learning curve. The program contains easy-to-follow tutorials, a comprehensive help manual, and the company offers technical support. The software company also hosts a helpful community forum that can usually address any intricate question a user may encounter. Many of the people who complain about Finale "problems" simply don't want to be bothered to read the user manual or even search the community forum for answers. Are there some minor program bugs? Which comparable notation programs work perfectly and support every possible hardware/softsynth configuration?

  • John Malkovich - Page turner

    Page turner. What a phenomenally good book. Cuts to the core. No nonsense, very well written. The author spares you the drama, emphasis and metaphors in his writing style and gives you the play by play account of what happened to these guys. The story and the crude details are enough to make for a fascinating adventure that does not need further dramatization or embellishments.