Lyme Disease and Cancer Treatment in Germany | - We help individuals with Lyme disease and cancer who are considering hyperthermia treatment at a clinic in Germany.

  • German Lyme Clinics | - We refer to multiple clinics in Germany for the treatment of Lyme Disease, including Fach Klinik.
  • St George Clinic Germany Lyme Disease | - Learn more about how we work with the St George Clinic in Germany to fight Lyme Disease
  • Lyme Disease Facts -Lyme Facts | - Learn about the facts of Lyme Disease and find out how we can help the battle for healthier living.

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  • Amanda Paulsen - FABULOUS Stroller!

    My husband and I LOVE this stroller. We wanted to get the Bugaboo, but the Peg Perrego COMES with all of the same parts, you don't have to buy them separately. Love its versatility and portability--have taken it to state parks, apple orchard and shopping and its perfect for all three events! We have the Via Spiaggio SIP 30/30 car seat and it is perfectly compatible and super easy to use. Love that it converts to a pram as well. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • TitanPop - Yes it is.

    This product performed as advertised, I would recommend this to my family and friends for purchasing. I hope this was helpful.

  • Bruce L. - Argh!! Why is all my s/w unresponsive?? Now I know...

    Today, I logged on to Amazon to renew my subscription of Spyware Doctor w/ Anti-virus. I was surprized to see such a low average review of 2 1/2 stars. Then I read the reviews. OMG!! Other people who are experiencing what I've been stymied with: "such-and-such is unresponsive". Usually it's been I.E. 8 and my mail client. But it sometimes effects other programs as well. I ran Registry tuners, ran defrag, ran Ccleaner. No avail; the problem would no go away. Like others, I also have a powerful computer, easily running cpu and ram intensive programs. This problem had me stumped. I was ready to wipe and reload my hard drive. Then I read the reviews on this page. PCTools has been my most trusted s/w provider with Spyware Doctor w/ Anti-virus being my favorite utility. But any longer. The intense feelings of frustration that I have felt, waiting for my computer to "unfreeze", make me feel betrayed by PCTools. I expect a company of their size and REPUTATION to do a much better job. I'm done with PCTools.

  • Brandon Bay - The best condition I saw a card box and fast delivery

    This was the best condition a order was i highly recommend this seller to card or baseball collectors.The delivery came in only 4 days and was packaged well.