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  • victoria Flynn - i think i got the placebo

    can't say anything negative but nothing positive either. no results. am going to order a more recognized brand next time

  • Melissa - Not for yeast/thrush rashes

    My toddler developed a diaper rash from thrush. I was using this product along with a Miconazole cream, and I couldn't figure out why her rash kept getting worse. I checked the ingredients and this paste contains cornstarch, which yeast love to eat. As soon as I switched to Burt's Bee's Baby Bee ointment (no cornstarch or any other yeast-food) the rash has quickly cleared. I'm sure this works fine for other rashes, but I don't recommend using this if you suspect thrush.

  • Daniel R McAllister - The best way to plan a trip destination or multiple stops!

    I have used Streets and Trips for my work and personal use for many years. I didn't think it could get better just because it was a new year version, but it is awesome!

  • C. FOSTER - Highly recommend

    Wow, this product is awesome. I have naturally wavy hair, but it was never wavy enough to go without curling my hair into some sort of style. A regular curling iron flattens my natural waves. This curling magic wand gives me natural curls that make me look like I have a spiral perm. It is soooooo easy to use! I have a LOT of hair, and it is colored/bleached/fragile, so I have to be careful with each little section that I place in the iron. I don't like it if my hair gets ratted and stuck in the machine, so I comb each section first. The other trick I learned is do not try to control the hair that is swirling up into the iron. It you put any pressure on the hair, it does not feed into the drum correctly. So just comb the little section, loosely hold it out, and let go when it starts feeding into the drum. Highly recommend this product!

  • runner - really good

    hey the stuff rocks-no loose bowel either < I use advocare cleanses for healthy intestine and stomach,as far as shiff move free great stuff helps me run 3 hr marathons!!!!!!!!

  • Doctore - I knew nothing...

    Out of all my engineering student friends I was the one people came to if they had an issue with excel or couldn't figure out how to do something. When I found this book in the library I peeked through it and realized. I knew nothing...