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  • Nazario Duca - Great camera good quality

    Wonderful camera, good quality picture can be viewed by multiple users. We make use of it as a child monitor when baby naps. I may know how well it will work when we move him to his crib and put it to use all night. I don't want to keep my mobile phone on at all times.


    Don't buy from this seller. The source of the formula is not official similac. My baby was fine when I fed him the ones bought from retail stores, but got really sick and had diarrhea for a week after drinking the ones from this seller. It's cheaper but totally not worth it. I wonder if these formula were stolen from the stores and didn't get properly stored and handled. That's why the quality is not consistent and can cause food poison.

  • GWTardy - I yield to the best so far!

    So much software hasn't lived up to its billing over the years that I have become the ultimate Anti-Virus (AV) cynic, and scrooge to boot! I absolutely suffered some chest pain while buying this $20+ product (they'll all a bunch of liars you know, . . . or so I thought). Moreover, I was really mad that it took two full days for the WebRoot Secure Anywhere AntiVirus to run on my six hard drives (can't be redundant enough). Boy, was I mad!

  • Martin A. Sala - One of the Best Optics Books I've Found!

    One of the best general-purpose texts I've seen on optics; all the math and a lot of practical applications as well. If you are a not fluent in the science and math, this text is probably beyond you; if you use this stuff in your everyday life and can deal with physics-level math - EXCELLENT!

  • Matthew Sorenson - Couldn't have been easier

    I was pushed into replacing Time Warner's cable modem because they wanted to charge me a monthly rental fee. This was one of their recommended modems particularly for people who have their faster packages. I measured my speed using speed test many times. I was getting between 10 and 25 Mbps.

  • luckbealady - My kids love these!

    My kids love these! They are also quite a bit less expensive than what they cost at my local grocery store (small town). They are perfect for a grab-n-go treat. I add them to sack lunches or offer them as an after school treat. The small bags are a good size for portion control.