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  • Buyer - I hate it

    I am still pissed off at myself for buying this pathetic excuse of a game. I loved Diablo 2 but this, this is garbage even after a year this game still blows. Items are garbage the only way to get a good item is to brows the auction house or spend real money (which is retarded) This game does not reward you for grinding your ass off. People play hours and hours a day only to get pathetic items and scrap them. If you dont play games a lot this game is not for you simply because you will not get anywhere in it. Its boring there are millions of add bots spamming the chat channel this is not a game this is a marketing program for ingame items.

  • SP # 4449 Lives - He is the Greatest....

    Ringo is a Winner, and his All Starr Band are Winners also. What can be said for a man that helped change the world we live in, the clothes we where, music, and has been the giver of peace and love for all these years. You'll wish you had purched this DVD if you have not yet. Ringo is the greatest in this world, the next world, or any world you can find. Great music, graet video.