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  • J. McLemore - Even my momma likes this album

    This album is incredible. The more I listen to it, the more I love it. I mean, from the first listen I was in love but it gets even better with repeated listens. Huge replay value. It's an album that talks about real things but is never boring. He does it so seemingly effortlessly. Usually I don't like rap albums where the rapper sings or does most of the hooks, but here it just works. This is my favorite rap album of 2014. Which is hard for me to say because it was a great year for rap. Before I heard this, RAOTY was between Pinata, PTSD, RTJ2, The Water[s], Searching Sylvan. This took the spot because nothing is realer. Cole is so relatable. Production is smooth as well.

  • relichunter - A work of art

    this gears of war contoller is a work of art,its expensive but once its gone its gone for good,as of 10/18 gamestop still has some for sale at $199,I am a huge fan of the xbox one elite controller,it is built to last its made of metal instead of plastic,and you can adjust the controls the way you like,the gears of war elite contoller is a step above the regular elite in looks,its the nicest xbox one controller ever made,the elite controller is the biggest reason I love the xbox one especially the new slim

  • A. Williams - WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw ROCKS

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! Purchased this for my son and he can't seem to get enough of all the WWE action. Great game!!!

  • Lucy - Not for hard surfaces...

    I spent quite some time reading reviews before choosing the Shark. Based on all of the positive reviews, I expected to see high quality results. However, I'm extremely disappointed with this vacuum. It works great on carpet - I couldn't believe how well it picked up dog hair. Oh yeah, I have two dogs that shed like crazy (hence my need for a great vacuum cleaner). Unfortunately, when it comes to hard surfaces, this cleaner doesn't live up to they hype. Dog hair gets stuck in the rollers, so I have to turn the cleaner to 'carpet' mode to clear the dog hair. Then, I have to vacuum with multiple swipes just to pick up the dog hair/general debris. Worst of all, the canister has a major design flaw. Once it's full, everything gathers to one side of the canister. I have to pull the dirt/hair out with my hands which is really gross. Also, the hose is on one side of the vacuum instead of behind the vacuum. This is very frustrating because the cleaner can't get underneath cabinets in the kitchen, or furniture.

  • Vidis - I really love Puma shoes

    I really love Puma shoes, as long as you are not using them for running. Going to the gym perfect, for everyday use, absolutely the best, feels good, fits just right, maybe a bit tight, but not too much, which is great for everyday use, but as I mentioned such fit is not comfortable for running, especially since it is fairly high and heavy shoe. But since I bough it to use as everyday shoe, I would definitely would buy same one again.

  • Bond, James Bond - six months in and the kids still like it

    we've had this for 6 months and my daughter loves it still. she has very few games but the camera and video recorder and drawing application takes up a lot of her time. very durable but I recommend buying rechargeable batteries since it is a battery hog.