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  • Amazon Customer - This toy comes with no instructions. Just a bunny ...

    This toy comes with no instructions. Just a bunny in a box. It also requires a screwdriver to open as no AAA batteries are supplied (you need 3).

  • D. P. Birkett - Quick review for busy people

    This is a time-saving review for busy readers. I've marked the locales up front. Geographical diversity is strong this year. (In fact the American connection is tenuous in some cases). The editors grumble about the use of present tense and child's point of view, so if you're irritated by those I've marked them as PT and SPOV to save you time.

  • Charlotte Williams - Perfect Travel Bag

    Fits under the seat of even the smallest airplanes. Has plenty of space for a long trip worth of clothes and an extra pair of shoes. Be aware that zipper pulls do not have large enough holes for a lock.

  • Wayne J Spaulding - Liver Cleanse

    A recent blood test showed that my AST and ALT were elevated. I researched your product on the Internet and it looked like it might help get my liver back in shape. I used the liver cleanse for 14 days and returned to the doctor for another blood test. The AST and ALT were back to normal. I would most certainly recommend this product.

  • Karen JG - Steamy romance that doesn't sacrifice a plot or great characters

    I don't normally read "steamy" romances, since most of the ones I've tried are more steam than plot. Ruby's works are different - lots of steam, yes, but not at the expense of an engaging plot and well-defined and well-rounded characters. (Disclaimer, I got to read an advance copy as part of the typo hunting team.) The sex scenes are explicit, but not crude, and totally within the boundaries of plot development. Like her Mandrake Company science fiction series (first book,