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  • Sarah cohen - Disrupted my menstrual cycle.

    I took Viviscal for about 5 months because I wanted to speed up hair growth after a bad haircut. From months 1-4 I noticed that my nails were visibly stronger and my hair was silkier and I had a lot of new hair growth around my hairline - pretty standard. I wasn't looking to grow new hair, as I already have a lot, but rather increase the rate of growth.

  • Dunkalunkin - Nikon D7000 users Beware

    I purchased this product with the intent of creating DVD's using .mov's from my new Nikon D7000 camera. I am very pleased with the Nikon D700, but this software product is does not work as advertised.

  • D. Holland - False advertising - no real diamonds were found in this cable.

    For the price I paid for this cable, I had expected it to be studded with diamonds, and I expected to be able to use it as a necklace and show it off when I went to the formal dinner with my rich relatives. This item is a terrible piece of jewelry!

  • Amanda Acker - Drops for a Happy Baby

    These drops were a lifesaver with my little guy. He was having terrible tummy troubles and the doctor suggested probiotic drops. We started with the Gerber Soothe drops, but they are so pricey in comparison. I switched him to these drops daily. He sucked them up no problem and no more tummy issues!

  • L.F.Falconer - Absolutely Amazing

    Endurance. In his wildest imagination, Alfred Lansing could not have concocted a more fitting title for this book and had this been a work of fiction I would've judged it to be a bit over-the-top, like a Bruce Willis action movie. But since it is true-life adventure, the harrowing plight of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition led by Ernest Shackleton was one gripping, heart-wrenching misadventure. Trial after trial these men had put before them, only to prove that man's innovation and dauntless will to survive can often overcome the most overwhelming odds of defeat.

  • Debbie Taylor - Unhappy so far with the Tyme iron

    I am NOT loving my Tyme iron as I thought i would! Even had my friend who is a hair stylist help me, and she couldn't figure it out either. It's very hard to work. I will be trying a few more times but if I can't figure it out and it doesn't do what I thought it would, then I will be returning it. How long do I have to return? Thank you!