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  • The Turner - Chocolate Pain

    First off, let me start by saying that I used to pride myself on having a cast iron stomach. Keywords USED TO. These little monstrosities initially had no effect, and I was mildly disappointed in my purchase. If there is indeed a hell, that's what my entire digestive system went to a few hours after the fact.

  • Lolita - Wouldn' t recommend. even for supplement junkies.

    Im a supplement junkie and I have used pretty much all brands of amino acids currently on the market. This was my first time using a MuscleTech product. When I purchased it I didn't read the directions. Since it is Amino acids, I just assumed it would be intra-workout, But it's supposed to be taken after workout for recovery. I like drinking my aminos during workouts to prevent protein breakdown. So that was the first disappointment. But it was my fault for not reading directions before purchasing. So if you like taking your aminos during workout like me, this isn't for you.

  • Bleu T. Hunder - Microwave: The Remains of a Shattered Marriage

    I received this book from my "friend", Jimmy Pike, shortly after my ex-wife absconded to the plains of northern Florida with our gardener, Rodrigo Figueroa. (Yes, that's right you smarmy, back-stabbing twit - I'm calling you out!) In her wake, she'd left me with little else, but a microwave and a suspicious and malodorous rash. For better or worse, a few nights of panicking, challenging urination and a 2-week course of antibiotics soon left me with only the former. As I began to regain control of my faculties, it became apparent that my steady diet of Polly-o cheese sticks and mustard would not do. Still, while my appetite was returning, I found it impossible to operate the aforementioned microwave. That's when I recalled that I had in my possession the one book that could help me. I am, of course, referring to Sonia Allison's "Microwave For One". Rarely has a tome so accurately captured the quiet desperation of post-marital cuisine. The chapters are well-organized and provide very simple, clear instructions on how to prepare a wide assortment of meals. (I would caution you, however, to try and pick-up an unused copy of the book. The one gifted to me was clearly secondhand as some of the writing had been smudged out by what I'm assuming were the previous owners errant tears.) From her Cheetos Souffle to her mouthwatering recipe for Canard A'la Sunkist, Ms. Allison does not disappoint. (Yes, of course she is single.) Bon appetit!

  • Tran Ly - I love this mouse!

    It has great precision. I can use it on my bed, lap or table. Its a smooth transition, clicker is so quiet you can't really hear it. I love the fact that I don't have to replace batteries for it, it comes with a charger and the design is really slim and nice. It fits into any of my book bags or laptop cases. I would buy this again and again.

  • Kathy A - Webroot best Ive used

    I've used many dirrent security packages for my PC Norton MacAfee and always ended up with it ruined PC in a blue screen.