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  • Amazon Customer - AWESOME COFFEE!!!

    EXCELLENT coffee!! I highly recommend buying this flavor medly! I normally would buy the different brand name cups but no more! I saved a ton of money and the coffee is actually better than the brand name K-Cups. I have to tell you also that the package included a special clip to put on my brewer that allows me to use non-brand name cups. I am extremely satisfied and will be coming back for more!!!

  • Sue Mahar - Great for an ice cream junkie

    Got this for Christmas, and I love it! Can't understand the negative comments. Yes, it does take time to take it apart and wash it (about 30 seconds to break it down and stick it in the dishwasher) and there is a little left in the tube, but you can push it out when you take it apart. My favorite "mash-up" is a couple bananas and a small handful of chocolate chips. Yummy!

  • Swain - Great in Concept... App Needs Work!!!

    I so want to love this product. While the device itself is nice, the app leaves a LOT to be desired. The app is very cumbersome and not really that intuitive.

  • Just Now - Put In The Work

    The ASVAB is not a very difficult test. If you made it through high school, you should have no problem. But, where it really counts is when you get into those higher score ranges. Some jobs require a minimum score much higher than the just passing score. That's where this guide is great. Helps you get a feel for the type of sections to expect on the test and get a little practice. Take your time, study it, and get comfortable with the material. If you find a section that you're struggling with, get some other material on it and work on it till you feel prepared. Overall, just like anything in life, if you put the time and effort in this book will be a great resource. If you skim it once and don't put much into it then you won't get much out of it.

  • Luvscavaliers - Nice First Chapter... A Few Spoilers Follow.

    There was a good idea here, but it got lost by the end of the first chapter. On a bitterly cold day a man walking his dog discovers a skeleton, carefully placed, and meant to be found. A grumpy forensic pathologist (is there any other kind?) calls a forensic odontologist out to the scene to help identify the remains. Two smart and savvy ladies are working over a small female skeleton and one of them is overwhelmed by a piece of evidence that connects the skeleton to her past. The stage has been set for an epic revenge story and I am enjoying this. A nice hook has been set with a fat little worm to tempt me, but then it just floats there...ignored by the author.

  • Karen R. Todorov - Liking it!!

    It took a few tries to figure out how to use the online Kindle edition, but it is packed with great features and I love it! Nice recipes and lots of them. Many Vegan choices as well. I am glad I got it.