Merck Pregnancy Registry Program - Postmarketing Surveillance Data about exposure to a drug during pregnancy and the pregnancy outcomes* - Merck Pregnancy Registries - useful information about the outcomes of pregnancies following use of a drug during gestation. Pregnancy Registries are prospective active data collections systems which can facilitate the early detection of teratogenicity and other serious AEs in patients who inadvertently/purposefully use a drug during pregnancy

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  • Pnut Butta - Been Here Done That

    I was a subscriber years ago; I recently signed back up because I have a Kindle and I wanted to give the eBook deal a try. I am glad to see that the magazine still has great writing talent and they still provide some of the best travel tips.

  • BetaLyrae - If you like the "dandruff-look" and smell of cheap deodorant.....

    This product is extremely disappointing due to small lumps throughout the cream, almost bead-like (as in exfoliating creams), which when applied to your hair look like dandruff flakes. It also has a very obnoxious odor, like cheap deodorant, which will overpower any cologne. Just terrible, not even worth $6.75, I tossed it!