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  • Peter Moore - Great for database development

    This is an excellent product. This product is exactly the same as the enterprise edition and it allows me to develop SQL databases on my laptop. I have been using MS SQL server since version 2000 and 2012 is the best yet.

  • cson - Hot Plate/5th burner

    I purchased this hot plate for use in candle making to melt wax with a double boiler instead of using my gas stove top. Works well, heats quickly (brings water to a boil quickly). The hot plate will cycle on and off once it reaches it's set temperature for whatever setting you have it on (warm, low, medium, high). Keep the area around the hot plate clear - when in a closed-in/confined space it will cycle on and off more to cool off. Comes with a short cord, so you may need an extension cord if the electric outlet is not close by.