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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 11.0683 Bavaria, Germany

  • Dr. Bubba - Very good stuff.

    This stuff works great. I have used it on our three cars (Dodge Ram 2009, Sienna 2006, and Volvo 2004) and it has done a great job every time. This is my second bottle.

  • Lori - If you like pain buy this brush

    Bought this for my interracial daughter thinking it would be easy for her to use......bristles are too chunky and they pull your hair out. It hurts. Results are not even close to a ceramic flat iron. We shipped it back. Nice concept but the product fails.

  • Mom2Three - Lifesaver!

    Our 4-year-old has autism and is beyond picky with his eating. We have taken him to a dietician who recommended Pediasure to us. He will drink the vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors which is almost a miracle since there are so few things he will eat or drink. It is such a relief to know that he is getting his vitamins and some protein while we are working on getting him to eat more normally.

  • Hannah Williams - Flaps are torn off in first week but still love book

    The flaps are shredded all over my floor but my one year old still loves this book. I've taped them back on several times but they always end up ripped off by her tiny prying fingers. Great pictures and colors though. Still a favorite in our house flaps or no flaps.