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  • K. O'Brien - Good features but very buggy

    I've been using Acronis True Image Home 2010 for around six months now and I'm ready to start finding something else. While it has a lot of features I like, it has too many issues for me to continue with it.

  • tdrbat - Good Value

    Be sure to test anything you order. I purchased 2 laser toners, but only 1 of them worked. If I had not tried them both I may not have known the defective one didn't work until after the return period expired. Luckily, I did and called customer support. They sent me a new one with a prepaid label to return the defective item. Great service.

  • N. Orlovsky - First Choice for Understanding How to Heal Autoimmunes and Food Allergies!

    If I had to chose 1 book for understanding my body better and how to heal my autoimmune diseases (of which I have MANY) and gluten issues, this would be it! Although it is not yet easily available in the US, I would recommend hunting it down. It would be really nice if Amazon started carrying it, as I know numerous people who are trying to get copies of this book (published in the UK). HINT HINT HINT

  • Nuri K - Cheaper and VERY convenient if you don't have a car

    Been using it for 3 months, heavy duty (as in, several batches everyday) at my house. Already refilled the carbonator twice.