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  • Amazon Customer - IT actually works for a normal Person!

    I am not one to write reviews but ................ I was standing in line at Walgreens waiting for a prescription, looked to my left and saw this product. I read the label and Googled the name. IT took me to Amazon reviews and I read what people were saying. I bought the product, use 8 tablespoons of it in a shake every morning. The taste is less than desirable but I put a table spoon of olive oil, a half banana, vanilla Almond milk, and a table spoon of cinnamon for taste. Blend this with ice, and out the door I go to work. I sit at my desk and sip this for about an hour. I have a lunch of vegetables and for the first week, another shake or salad for dinner. I have lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks. I am a normal person and a diabetic on insulin. If you are on insulin, you know how hard it is to lose weight. IT actually works if you can get past the taste. I am not kidding, if you want to ask me questions, do so....... I do run after work and I'm sure that helps but starting to use this was the beginning of my lifestyle change. I'm a real person inbox me @

  • BRELME - Rancid

    Upon opening the vial, the smell was obviously rancid. I discovered after some research that argan oil should never be packaged in a clear bottle because light can make it deteriorate. I sent it back for a refund.

  • Amelia Mclean - Wouldn't recommend but online resources were helpful

    I would not recommend this. Way too much explanation of simple concepts. I think this book cost me about a month of studying. I would strongly recommend powerscore books over this. The one positive about this book is that it gives you access to online class videos which were helpful and maybe worth the cost of the book, but if you try to follow this method in the book from beginning to end you will waste a lot of time.

  • Brenda Schmidt - This is the only cream that would clear up my ...

    This is the only cream that would clear up my daughters diaper rash when she was still in diapers. And we tried every single one. The calendula is the magic. Really calms the skin. She said it made the burning and itching go away and would ask for another layer of it rubbed off or absorbed. Very soothing to a child's bum.

  • Alan Lew - Fits like a glove!

    Snug fit, and offers the protection for a light drop. It fits like a glove and feels like it is hardly there. I love it because it keeps the stock lines and doesn't add any bulk. I would becareful because it is pretty smooth and could slip out of your hand.