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  • Anna - Pregnant after 14 months! The Best $160 I've Ever Spent

    Let me start out saying that I have never written a product review. I had to make an exception for Pregnitude. I began taking Pregnitude in October 2014. I am not one to experiment randomly with supplements, but I had done some research based on my cycle charts (Hubs and I use NFP both to get pregnant and once upon a time, to avoid pregnancy. We chart basal temperature, and we use a fertility monitor that measures LH and estrogen levels to identify the fertile window). Based on my charts and a discussion with my OB-GYN, we suspected hormonal imbalance that included weak progesterone and possibly weak ovulation. Namely, I ovulated on the later side (average CD 23) and I had dysfunctional uterine bleeding, including spotting for up to 5 days before my period. For unrelated reasons, we could not start fertility testing right away, so I decided to give Pregnitude a try based on the peer reviewed studies showing improved egg quality. My doctor was supportive. As an aside: he had recommended Vitex a few months earlier, so I also had been taking 800mg/day Nature's Way Vitex since May 2013.

  • L. Marchese - He was quite pleased, and said he didn't even know references like ...

    Given as a gift to my stepfather, an avid photographer who's attempting to get into the market. He was quite pleased, and said he didn't even know references like this existed!

  • chasity gash - Great Natural Pain Relief

    I received a sample of LIVrelief Ultra Strength Natural Pain Relief free from PINCHME to try and give my opinion. I suffer from pain on a daily basis and one of my areas is in my right calf. It is intense and very achy. The night that I received the sample I applied it to the part of my leg where it aches the most and I can truly say that I noticed a difference within thirty minutes. I really liked the packaging , it was the easiest to open a simple bend of the package and it comes right out. It had a very faint pleasant smell and once I rubbed it in , I didnt end up with my hands greasy or anything. It was a easy clean up. I have recommended this to a few people who I know suffer from pain and one has already made a purchase.

  • Donald Briggs - WORKS GREAT FOR US

    I have both a 1997 and a 2000 Plymouth Voyager both of which awhile back started to drip oil somewhere from the crankcases. I tried some stuff recommended by a parts store and no improvement. I noticed this product on a Amazon search and the good reviews. I ordered and tried it on the 2000 [biggest leak] and in 5 days problem gone. Ordered a second bottle for 1997 and got the same result. I plan to add a bottle at each oil change... much cheaper than having a mechanic try to fix it, if that is even possible on these older cars.

  • Catherine J. Reale - Another great book by Rachel!

    Every time I hear about a new book by Rachel I can't wait until I get my hands on it. I was especially excited this would be about Georgie from Settling the Score. This also takes place in one of my favorite places on earth Cinque Terra, Italy. Georgie is such a firecracker. She talks non-stop and is a ray of sunshine. Gianluca has so much baggage and seems like the complete wrong person for Georgie but you never know when love will come. I love the progression of their relationship it doesn't happen right away and takes a lot of work. I love the balance of humor, romance, and sadness in the book. I didn't want to stop reading. Overall I highly recommend picking up this book- you wont be disappointed.

  • Jeri Edwards - Great song

    Gotta love claim rock and heart takes the cake!!! 80's rock kicks ass!!! It is the best music out there today

  • CoCo - Functional Professional Classy Look

    I like this case it appears classic, professional, and business like. The color compliments the back portion of my phone, howbeit you cannot see it once the case is on. It has gray feel and you can flip the clap all the way back if need. You can also hear and be heard with the flap closed. I like that it is discreet so that if someone does call or send a message a nearby snooper can't see it.