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  • Andrew - The best football game, sports game I have played.

    This game ranks up there with MLB the Show as one of the best sports games I have ever played. Baseball probably translates easier to digitized form, but Konami has gone above and beyond with this years edition of their beautiful game.

  • Abeau - Mediocre Vi-Salus

    I was really excited to receive the Vi-Salus shakes that were recommended to me by my local gym (which has a contract with them) and after receiving it, I was very disappointed. I made my first one and took it to work, I took a sip of it and was blasted with a over the top sugar taste. It was comparable to sweetened cake batter, except in a thinner milky form. Needless to say the taste and the texture were not very appetizing. I thought I could get used to the flavor so I continued to make one for supper and breakfast the next day, after attempting to stomach those, I ended up vomiting for the next 2 days. Not exactly what I would consider 'worth it.' I went back to my gym and told the trainer what had happened, his response 'Yeah, that happens frequently, people have a problem with the taste'.. My thought 'Thanks for the recommendation...'

  • Renona Montgomery - I really like it

    Nicely done! I am already up and moving. Found i don't need all the bells and whistles of some other trackers, although they are great products. I am a true beginner, health issues and gym shy. Moov Now is super for me, as it coaches and doesn't let me get away with bad form and partial reps (dang!). Like the feedback, but would rather have dedicated daily tractivities tracking instead of scrolling through the entire months.

  • Thanks. - Works good easy install quick scans

    Works good easy install quick scans. I have used All the different Antivirus software and like this one because it Truly stay's up to date. Never a button to click to update definitions because it is Cloud based. I do recommend manually scanning you hard drive, which takes more time but scans All files. Just go into settings and find your hard drive, right click on it and the choose Scan with WebRoot. I use Windows 10, it works very well but still use "windows malicious software removal tool" which can be downloaded for free.

  • Byron Kelley - No Daily Extra!

    Seriously? Is the New Yorker getting cheap or lazy? The daily extra on the back of each day was a big reason to buy the day-to-day calendar. I guess 2014 will be my last year. Bummer.

  • MFMIFM - Not worth it!

    I was very disappointed with this product for removing hair. I had to reapply Nair three times because it left patches of hair. Even after that, I had to shave some areas and it left me with minor chemical burns. To make matter worse, I had stubble in one or two days after applying Nail. I know it doesn't specify how long the affect will last, but I could have just shaved the areas and had the same affect. It depended on the area, but the hair removal was spotty and didn't last long at all.