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  • Sandman7773 - AMAZING!

    MY GOD! This stuff is awesome! My 98' Ford Ranger was running really rough before summer hit. Since its my winter driver / help friends move vehicle I kinda just let it go. Well, today I was helping a buddy move when the check engine light came on and it started to shake very badly at idle like it was about to stall. I took it back home and put my reader on it. It was claiming misfire but would not do it while I had my checker on it.

  • hannah - Loved adding to water to get in my 8 a day

    I added to my water instead of using fresh lemon because of the increasing cost of lemons and going to school it was easy for me to carry around. I stink at drinking plan water but this product helped me drink a lot. I would recommend to anyone. It smells amazing and tastes just as good.

  • harold l. greene - Fluency demands a sequel

    Very good read! Plot gives wide range for character development which is largely well done tho only 4 characters are fully developed. The ending demands a sequel and I absolutely would buy it hoping for resolution of unresolved major relationship issues. At times riveting, at times too much time spent on what the character is thinking rather than on what the character is doing. I know it's a good book for me because it ended too soon! I want more!

  • Steven Turner - Product quality of materials is great. Why do they have to put the bright ...

    Wow, I'm giving Weathertech one star. But they barely earned that. Product quality of materials is great. Why do they have to put the bright colorful Weathertech logo for everyone to see. Attention should not be towards a car mat! Don't appreciate them using my car as advertisement. Now onto the real problem, product design and engineering. Hands down, terrible. I can tell it's partly the car design but they could of done much better. They are simply too small and don't protect the carpet. As a reference the stock mats are bigger, they stick up past the top and down below and past the bottom. How can stock mats be bigger than $200 Weathertech's? If I'm driving with a soda between my legs and hit the brakes hard and it spills forward it will not even fall onto the mat, would hit the carpet. For those with wet or dirty shoes you can also expect your carpet to show it. Overall, this is my 4th and last set of Weathertech mats. It's embarrassing. I will say the back seat isn't bad but the front are terrible, both sides. Save your money, not worth it.