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  • Ryan - This product is great! I can already notice a difference in my ...

    This product is great! I can already notice a difference in my energy, sleep and libido. I wouldn't actually think something that boost my testosterone was actually lead to better sleep but after doing some research I found out that is the case. This product does what it's intended to do and I highly recommend it.........as does my woman!

  • queen66 - Purchased for a 7year old

    Purchased for a young boy turning 7 years old. He loves Legos and building things. This toy was the hit of the party. Based on the instructions he may need a little help building it. I am excited to see how it works when he is finished.

  • Jess Hayes - A True Life Adventure Expedition Stand Out

    Within the genre of real life adventure books, Endurance is definitely a stand out. I am lucky to have a brother who regularly reads about explorers and wilderness adventures and recommends to me only the best of the best. Other must-reads in the genre are The Long Walk (though that turns out to be most likely fiction so I no longer recommend it), Into the Wild, and 

  • Vivian Gendernalik - Acts Like Introductory Software Full of Bugs

    If the title was stripped from the software and I was asked to do a blind test on it, testing it, I would be convinced after giving it a full run this was a newly introduced software from all of the unresponsive and quirky behavior I experienced. It actually fights against your actions: you can try, and I say try, to copy and paste somethings and it will not do it, or it will jump your cursor some other place. And one of the persons responsible for it has a control-issue as this person wants to shove his/her idea of the perfect font, calibri/cambria, onto everyone, every single time, at the line spacing he/she wants. Every time you open up a new document, the font is Cambria/Calibri and set at 11. So if you like times new roman or Arial and 12 points, you have to each time reset it, you can't just start typing. This is a major time-consuming irritation.