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  • Amazon Customer - DON'T BUY if you want it to work for more than a month

    This Chromebook is an awesome product. But. Just two months after getting it, it stopped working. The screen has an annoying series of yellow-red splotches on it that have morphed around the edge of the screen. I am extremely disappointed that I am not able to return or replace this product since it is more than one month after purchase. I expected more of Toshiba and this computer than the malfunctioning screen that I received. Other than that unavoidably annoying element, the computer is very good. DO NOT purchase this product, though, if you are looking for something that won't become relatively unusable a month after the return window closes.

  • mark b. simpson - GET SOMETHING YOU CAN AIM !!!

    Not worth the money. If you want to spend that much money on a hidden camera get something that you can at least half way aim the camera at what you're taking a pic of. It simply doesn't meet the criteria, or do the things it claims to do...

  • Nancy W - Does Work!

    I was skeptical when I bought this but am no longer. This does really work to relieve the pain I have from arthritis in my one knee. From the very first treatment I gave myself I honestly felt a difference. I continue to use this as directed, two 15 minute treatments a day and am so happy that I bought it. The price was the best here at Amazon that I found when searching to find something like this to try.

  • CES Penname - 'Classic' but kinda 'Cavernous' too...

    - Sorry, Timbuk2, but honestly, within a couple weeks, I felt like this was the worst $120 bucks I had ever spent on something as simple as a _bag_. This one felt shapeless, and actually, kind of 'cavernous' with not nearly enough 'style', OR useful features to justify the money I spent. There were also not nearly enough smaller spaces - pockets, etc, to secure all the 'little stuff' I need in addition to my laptop - e.g. my wallet, my mouse and stylus, the charging cords, etc. Also, I found the two-buckle closure was stiff and cumbersome. Although, I'm sure that element of this 'baggy-bag', along with the cinch-down straps, probably works well for folks who truly do bike to work every single day, it was simply not for me. I stopped using the Timbuk2 after finding one a few weeks later and I now try to remember the Tbk2 that I purchased, as an object lesson to remember to always keep in mind what my specific needs are for any investment. The one I found had a much more secure laptop sleeve than what was provided in the messenger bag. The one I found was also _way_ less 'baggy', and yet, still accommodated and protected both my laptop and my 15" graphics tablet with a separate padded sleeve, while still affording enough space for my iPad as well., along with two outside pleated-pockets to hold other items, great strapping and handles - etc, etc. Anyway, considering what I spent, I really wanted to love it, but the Timbuk2 product was totally out-classed by an old Eddie Bauer bag found at a Goodwill-store.

  • Treat - Not full-featured.

    Be aware, Nero removed the Blu-ray player in 2016 to "focus on 4K and streaming." I'm not sure, yet, where they expect you to put your 4K or streaming videos (still waiting for that reply.) So you can burn your Blu-ray, you just have to put it somewhere else to make sure it worked. This is not "as advertised." Nero 2016 Lead

  • Marga - What I've learned

    I haven't purchased the program, but then again, my bet is that most of the people who gave it 5-star reviews didn't either.