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  • Dean Nelson - Great transmitter, faulty Bluetooth

    The signal from the transmitter is very strong. In fact, it's so strong that it can even block out other stations several frequencies away. To that end, this is very good at being an FM transmitter. Unfortunately, the device frequently lost its Bluetooth connection with my phone to where I'd have to factory reset it to get it resync with my phone. Another thing to consider is that if you aren't tuned to the broadcast station, you won't hear any alerts on your phone since there isn't a speaker built into this unit. I really wanted to like this unit but based on the frequent Bluetooth connection drops, I returned it. I'll stick with my Roadster 2 for now - the FM transmitter isn't as powerful but it doesn't forget my device and having the speaker for when I'm not listening to the FM station is especially helpful when using apps like Google Maps.

  • Chris W - Finally form, function and fashion combined!

    I've tried several waterproof biking bags for commuting on a bike in the Portland rain. They were all HUGE, for one thing - I'm a 5'1 woman. And they were also just basically big cavernous rubber tanks for another. What I really really appreciate about this bag is that it has just the right amount of obviously well thought-out partitions, pouches and zippered pockets for organization too, while still being waterproof. C'mon I'm using this thing as a purse too, not scuba gear.

  • Savannah - Stay Away From This Software !!!

    Stay away from this software - I am an experienced True Image 2011 user (it works fine on my Windows 7 computer) so I tried this for Windows for Windows 10 - probably spent 10-15 hours trying to get this working correctly - was very unstable - tried to use the clone function - was able to clone one drive but not a second drive - uninstalled it & sent it back to Amazon. After searching on the internet, found Ease US Todo Back-Up Home 9.1 - downloaded free 30 day trial - worked great in the back-up & clone functions - bought this software - for around $20.00 (after searching for coupon codes) - it works great & unlike Acronis, you don't have to restart computer during the clone procedure !