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  • The benefits of utilising an ultrasound machine | - The Frank Samways Veterinary Clinic is proud to announce the purchase of an advanced diagnostic ultrasound machine that will assist our veterinarians in
  • Cat Flu | - The opening of the new Lost Cats' Home will mean a decrease in cat flu, a very common disease in stray cats. In the new Lost Cats Home, individual housing
  • SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA | - What is Squamous cell carcinoma: Squamous cell carcinoma is a common malignant tumor of the skin. It is often caused by excessive exposure to sunlight,
  • Longhaired dogs during summer months | - Each year, veterinarians, pet groomers and pet lovers have debates about the pros and cons of shaving a thick coated or long-haired dog during the warm summer
  • Poisonous Moulds | - There are many good reasons to keep your pet away from the garbage. One of these reasons is that moldy food may contain a toxin, specifically a mycotoxin,
  • TOP TEN HUMAN DRUGS THAT POISON PETS | - By Dr Matt Pascall For all pet owners, it is very important to realize that some human drugs can be poisonous to their pets.
  • TOP TEN REASONS TO NEUTER YOUR MALE PET! | - By Dr Matt Pascall 1. Prevent unwanted litters: Each year in Australia hundreds of thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens are born due to non
  • Lily Ingestion Toxicity in Cats | - 1. Cat owners need to beware that some of the most common plants that may be in their homes are highly toxic to cats. 2. Many species of lilies are highly
  • Warmer Weather Brings Pesky Parasites | - Springtime is a welcome relief for both people and pets cooped up at home all winter. Unfortunately, the warm up also brings out those persistent perennial

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  • Glenda - Detailed description of Lucy and Desi's careers

    This book provides a relentless description of the careers of Lucille Ball and Desi Arenas. The details are meticulous to the point of becoming tedious. If you are interested in the careers of these two icons then you will enjoy this book. If you want details of their home life and emotional attachment, look elsewhere.

  • Nikko's person - Not as good as other remanufactured cartridges I've tried

    I've used remanufactured cartridges in my beloved old HP LaserJet 1022 from several sources, all with excellent results. Figuring that my old friend was probably on its last toner cartridge (the rollers are starting to wear out), I chose something that was reasonably priced and had good reviews.

  • Amazon Customer Michael Berkley - Would be better without the sugar added but I've been using the ...

    Would be better without the sugar added but I've been using the product for a couple years. Now I buy it here and don't have to pay for the shipping. Overpriced for sure on Youngevitie's website. A little better here. I combine this with ENERFOOD ORGANIC GREEN SUPERFOOD POWDER and the plant protein from PlantFusion Multi Source Plant Protein Chocolate and buy fiber (organic) in the morning and have good energy for hours on end. Try it.

  • Sarah Lewitinn - Fantastic

    Even if you think you know all there is to know about the behind the scenes insanity backing Trump, there's still another layer to the onion this book offers. So fantastic.