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  • Kumphawapi - Jewel of Issan – Udon ThaniProvince - Thailand - Translation services Kumphawapi - Jewel of Issan – Udon ThaniProvince - Thailand

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  • AAHJEZ539 - Putting this together felt like rocket science but LOVE the seat itself.

    It took me AND my husband about an hour and a half to put it together, which would bring my rating down EXCEPT once we got it together and to the car, installing it was so easy it made up for it.

  • bmxboss - great

    This product is the greatest. Anybody that says their back tire gets loose or anything bad is lying.I have had it for 5 years now and nothing has happened to it and trust me it is not just for beginners.I have road this thing hard.Also,it is super light.It is great for trails,hills,parks,and freerides.If you have a kid between the ages 7 and 15 it will be perfect for them.I am just going to ride DK Siklons now.Overall this is the greatest bike I have ever had and I have had over 5 bikes!!!!!!!

  • Christine - Kava Poisoning!!!

    Cheap cut of Kava. I just came away from using a bottle of Gaia caps and was satisfied with the purchase. Took them for 4 days and ended up feeling severe nausea, headaches, lethargy and low mood. It was the equivalent of being very hung over on hard cheap alcohol even flu like symptoms like fever. I could not leave my bed the first three days and it isn't until my mother prompted me that I began to do some research of Kava and discovered there are at least 8 different alkaloids that mess around with your brain besides kavatones, including trace MAOIs. This stuff is highly dangerous to anyone on prescription medications. My advice is to not cut corners with this herb and buy the purified stuff from Gaia and use in moderation. It's more than 24 hours since my last dose and I still cannot. Another night of just water for me thanks to this low-grade product. I am usually pleased with the NOW brand but this was an overtly low quality product. Sensitive stomachs probably better off with some Valerian.

  • T. Maerling - I've seen headsets like this for over $85 as the sale price from ...

    I've seen headsets like this for over $85 as the sale price from other big-brand-name companies, so I wasn't expecting much for this price range, but I was wrong. This is awesome. Music is clear, phone calls are better than any Bluetooth I've ever used, and the connectivity and controls are easy to use.

  • Mom of Two - I love this with my Flip Belt

    I love this with my Flip Belt. It stays in place. It is not cumbersome or uncomfortable when running.

  • Michael S. - circumferential length

    The TacTrap was difficult to install because the interlocking tabs wouldn't quite reach the mating slots on the opposite end. I ended up using tape to hold the TacTrap onto the SkeeterVac. Adding 1/16" - 1/8" length between to male tabs and the female slots would have made installation more "do-able". Some stickiness on the inside face of the TacTrap and forget the interlocking tabs would probably be easiest. Struggling to install the TacTraps on a device that is attracting mosquitoes is very frustrating!