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Country:, North America, US

City: -87.6272 Illinois, United States

  • Sigfredo M. Martinez - I recommend this product hightly

    Bought the router March 2015 and it took me to setup around 5 or so minutes. After having battled with a Netgear router setup this setup was a breeze. The screens are very intuitive and once you get to play around with it you realize all the functionality it provides. I recommend this product hightly. It has made my router experience a breeze to setup and maintain.

  • ChiquitaRN - Easy to use!

    The Tubshroom!! What can I say but that it's awesome!! I've got regular sized bathtub, took the old drain cover off (which was just nasty btw, my god, who knew all that crap could get stuck under there!!?!?😨😨), plopped the Tubshroom in its place and was ready to use! So easy!!

  • Amazon Customer - Great stuff!

    I had immense problems with hair follicle infections in areas where my skin rubs, especially while exercising. In fact, this is how it started....right after my gym membership. Anyway, nothing else would work....or would make the situation worse. Vaseline, lotions, baby oil, medicines, nothing worked! I went to the doc and got Rx's that didn't help. Finally, I did a search and I gave this a try after seeing many favorable reviews. I use it every day and haven't had a follicle infection in many, many months!! And back to exercising again, too!

  • David - Great music!

    This is just fantastic! Amazon's on line music store has a vast library of music that allows us to purchase either the album or individual songs. This was one of them and I'm enjoying it now.

  • Robert & Nancy - Guitar noob

    I've only started in the lesson section which so far I like. I like how this is setup and believe it will help me learn. It seems most people that don't like Rocksmith is because of lag in audio. What I'm doing is using my over ear Sony ps4 Bluetooth headset and I'm not experiencing any lag. What I play I'm hearing right away. The headphones help me concentrate on what I'm doing, no distractions with other things going on in the house. I like how it adjusts to me, slowing down things when I'm having trouble. I tried one of the highly rated hundred dollar lessons which I just didn't like compared to this. For the discounted price I'm happy with this learning tool

  • teacher1 - Got the job done for a fraction of the price!

    Just got back from a week in Cancun. People were selling these EVERYWHERE ... on the beaches, at every water attraction. They were going for $25-$30. My Yosh cost $7 and did exactly what I needed it to - kept sand and greasy fingers off my screen, went snorkeling with me and kept my phone clean and dry. Nice customer service with e-mails to ensure my satisfaction. That's right, for a $7 product. Good job, guys! Highly recommended.