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  • Drew Dubb - Great lights for a great price.

    Bought these actually for a friend of mine because he has several acres of land and no lights on house or shed. Today we just installed these lights above doorways and entrance ways. He loves the new addition to his home. They are very powerful for what they look like. Cheap looking but very powerful and strong. Already raining here and they have held out this long. We will see in the next few weeks. This product was purchased using a promotional code to receive item at a discounted price.

  • Norsk Gal - Just what I was looking for

    Because my daughter is using pharmaceuticals to manage mental problems I have witnessed her steep decline in both mental and physcial health, including huge weight gain directly caused by prescription drugs. This led me to search for other natural alternatives, and I'm hopeful that in the near future she'll be able to use natural substances that help achieve mental stability without all the "side effects" (really they are direct effects) of prescription medications.

  • wisernow - A big rip off

    This company (Lifecell skin care products) should not be allowed to do business because of the way they use deceptive advertising to sell an inferior product. Not only did this product not help my skin, it actually made it feel worse. Beware of their fancy advertising claims and their promises of a free trial that will end up costing you $189 and endless hours of trying to get your name off their lists!! I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau!! Be smart and purchase skin care products from other far more reputable companies that offer wonderful products. There are many out there!!!

  • Tyron - Best 4k TV for the money

    I am a bit of a audio/video-phile and must say, this is an awesome product. I purchased this TV expecting to settle for a middle of the line picture and substandard features. I couldn't have been more wrong, the picture quality on this TV is outstanding. I understand that it doesn't have the best grey picture uniformity or the most noticeable HDR color reproduction, but you know, that really doesn't matter, because it's not something anyone is going to notice in 99% of TV/Movie watching scenarios. The colors are bright and vibrant, way better than my more expensive 1080p Samsung from 4 years ago (which also cost more money). Black contrast and uniformity is outstanding. I can never notice the backlight/bleeding when credits are rolling. I can't believe this is a standard LED TV and not a quantum pixel or OLED TV.

  • Lisa Mckee - Does not work

    This item did not do what it is promised to do. My thing I used it on was saddle bags for my motorcycle that had sun spots and it only made the sun spots a bit shiny. I would like a refund on the product and will mail back to you of course you provide shipping.

  • glitter girl - Great immune fighter

    Very helpful when you feel like you are getting sick, start taking soon as you feel cold coming least 3 times a day..