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  • mngrammy - per grandson and son

    Purchased for grandson(11)but son also loved playing this hunters game. The gun was easy to use and targets were a challange. Purchased from Amazon who provided fast delivery, great packaging and easy payment. Will do more Amazon shopping in future!!

  • Alex - Versace Blue Jeans

    One of my favorite colognes that are in my "Top 5". The Versace Blue Jeans is one of the best colognes out there in my opinion, I have used it for over 11 years ever since I was 12 years old. Yes, the knock-offs of Versace Blue Jeans do exist and I was burned once on them and learned my lesson. I was once in the Perfume District in NYC and just walked into a random shop and bought the Blue Jeans for $, I thought that this was a great deal, but once I got home I immediately noticed that something was not right. The canister-box and the actual bottle of the knock-off looks exactly like the real thing, the only way to distinguish a fake from a real thing is to have both bottles side-by-side, but the scent of the knock-off gives it away instantly. Basically the fake canister-box will have inferior graphics, if you will look closely at it then you will see that the "box art" will have coarser raster (offset print) dots than the real canister-box, the colors will also be slightly different. The fake bottle will have opaque black bottle cap, the real thing is actually dark blue translucent cap, so if you will look at it under the light then you can see thru it. Another thing that give the fake away is the "Versace Blue Jeans Man" graphic on the bottle, the fake bottle will have bright yellow text, the real bottle has the pale yellow-greenish text. And the last thing that gives away the fake fragrance is the spray cap: the real spraycap is shiny outside and inside there is translucent-matte plastic, the 2mm circle in which the sprayhole is located at is flat-gray and there are numbers and letters molded into it in a "+" formation ( my says 10, 81, 6 and A), I guess that these letters/numbers can be different from one production batch to another. The fake spraycap will be shiny outside (with cheap chrome paint feel to it), the inside will be white and the 2mm circle will be white. So don't let the fake stuff fool you, because the real juice worth it's MSRP price, but there are genuine deals out there.

  • This Kid Reviews Books - Love this book!

    This book not only has a great lesson about perspective and debate, is also hilarious! The story shows the reader there are many ways of looking at something. Just because something is small to you doesn’t mean it is small. It isn’t preachy at – all just fun! The story is completely dialogue, but still gives a full feeling, even with only around 90 words in the whole book! The illustrations are simple, but are great to look at (and the fuzzy bear-like creatures are really cute!


    This is my first diffuser so I have nothing but this experience to expound on. I love Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser! It has a contemporary look that makes my office beautiful. The colors are mesmerizing. It can be set to rotate the colors or you can keep it set on one color. This diffuser was easy to set up as well. It plugs in from the bottom, but is well made and cut so that the cords will not hinder the diffuser to sit stably on a flat surface. The diffuser is easy to open and operate. You take the top off and pour your water and oil into the base. It mists nicely. It can be set to mist continuously or mist every thirty seconds or mist with the lights. If I have it misting continuously, it lasts about five hours. If I have it set on every thirty seconds, it last about eight ours (or for my full work day and when I sleep at night its still on in the mornings if I fill it before sleeping). I love how the colors makes my office so beautiful, as I keep my office dimly lit. At night in my bedroom it is very beautiful. It automatically cuts off when it runs out of water.

  • David Nie - Solved

    I figured out the solution with Intuit's Service Rep's help. I had to run the installation file setup under the Quickbooks folder titled Setup.exe rather than Quickbooks.exe. The difference is .NET 1.1 needs to be installed. Intuit was helpful after I posted my reviews on Amazon, I wish the service reps would be as helpful rather than saying we can't help you in the first place. The solution is actually quite easy. I'm happy that the problem is finally solved, though I had to go through so much. Hence the 4 stars rating. Hopefully this post would help someone out there with a similar problem.

  • Priestess Auset Ra Amen - African Holistic Health

    I am a proud owner of this book, this book is my bible on holistic healthcare for anyone serious about taking care of their health this book is a must. I was also amazed at customs in ancient Afrika and did not know menstration is abnormal to the female body. I have learned a wealth of information from this book. this book is the ultimate in holistic care and a must for any serious practitioner of Afrikan holistic health.