PhilanthropyList - Al Malnik knows Miami. And, it’s safe to say, Miami is a world-class city, in large part, because of him. A devoted businessman, family man and philanthropist, Malnik has left his mark on much of the Miami Beach landscape since he moved here in 1956.

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Michael P. Brady - Great Program, Great Price and Value

    Great Value for an excellent product. I prepared 5 tax returns for myself and friends with ease. They think I am a genius ! I will continue to use the download for years to come as I have for the past 5 years. It's nice to have the program transfer personal information from previous years to the next years return. Saves time. It takes about 30 minutes to do each of the returns that I prepared. NICE !!


    I've been using this for about 2 years now and it continues to operate well. Easy to use, too.... all you do is put the little gray stopper in, then place the pump on the stopper and pump away. The lower the amt of wine in the bottle, the longer you have to pump because it's taking the air out to preserve the wine. Anyway, it isn't difficult and really takes very little time even with not much wine in the bottle. It does preserve the taste and freshness of the wine much better than just the cork alone -- and that's important as it takes me more than a week to polish off a bottle of wine (trying not to be a sot, y'know...)

  • J. Fischer - Dissapointing

    I expected this to have the recepies that normal people eat, like Norway Roof Rat, robin, cardinal, and other backyard birds,or even kittens and puppies but I was disapointed because it was about things that rich people buy at the store like cow meat and chickens.

  • Britta Krell - Fun Replacement of the Traditional Advent Calendar

    I learned about the Lego calendar from a friend who has young daughters and ordered it right away for my grand children.

  • Josh - Great, but not perfect for tonsil stones

    Although tonsil stones don't simply fall out as some reviewers claim for me, it definitely seems to loosen them, making it easier for me to get it out with the tip of a toothpick (only recommended for people with steady hands). They seem to form less frequently as well, although I still regularly get them every few weeks. Make sure you follow the instruction because I found that it doesn't really work as well if you do a quick job. I wish it was a bit cheaper as well. It's a little pricey for what it is.

  • Tony - Very nice at night!

    took about 45 minutes to install... instructions are clear and the results are amazing! huge upgrade for sure!

  • alene Kirvin - golf cart for my husband

    I bought this as a christmas gift for my husband and he loved it. He checked out every zipper, pocket, etc. and cannot wait for some of this snow to leave so he can use. He was very happy.