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  • R. Lomas - Didn't gain weight

    I felt really scammed after taking this product for a month. I only gained about 1 pound, and I honestly think it was because I started eating tons of fast food (which makes me feel awful physically). Only once did I notice I felt super hungry. I did research on echinacea and found no studies suggesting weight gain, or alteration of metabolism. AND I did notice that are no 'side-effects' or negative/slow weight gain testimonials posted anywhere on the web, yet taking echinacea long term may have side-effects and I doubt everyone gains weight on this supplement.

  • bounty - Not the product for me!

    I have heard great things about Zija and the Smart Mix formula from both my neighbors and co-workers. I tried a 32 day supply of the Smart Mix and did not notice much of a difference. I did not experience this amazing weight loss that others raved about, nor did I have increased energy. The only positive result was that my appetite was suppressed for a few hours after drinking it. The taste was horrible for me, it took an hour to drink the entire packet and for me it wasn't worth the money and the results were minimal. I gave this three stars because I have seen it work wonders for other people and those that sell the product truly believe in the company, the nutritional history of the plant, and they have amazing results. This was just not the product for me!

  • Rebecca L. Smith - Great resource

    I used several resources while preparing for the GRE and this book was definitely the most helpful. Like others, I did have some glitches with the CD, but most of it worked just fine. There is a lot of helpful information that covers all areas you need to be well-prepared for the test.

  • Jonathan - Excellent Story Book!!!

    In this book there are many tales that are retold by Ann McGovern. They are used to teach morals, especially to children. Some fables that are in the book are, "The Fox and the Grapes", "The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf", and "The Goose with the Golden Eggs." The morals that are portrayed in these fables have very good lessons that teach kids what not to do in the future while they are growing up. I would recommend this book to a friend and to young readers (children). I would also recommend the books, "The Runaways" and "A Trilogy of Poetry, Prose, and Thoughts for the Mind, Body, and Soul."