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  • suzanne k - Works

    My yorkie has very sensitive skin. He is constantly scratching, flaking and bleeding. This really works. He had relief right after the first shampoo!

  • F_Smith - Terrible, TERRIBLE work instructions

    I spent about 4 hours, off and on, getting this onto my 2015 Honda Odyssey. It took so long because I had to undo my rail installations 3 times because of the inaccurate, out-of-sequence, or completely omitted work instructions.

  • deutschlanddeutschland - best uhd tv for the money

    Really quite please with the picture quality of this TV. Initially purchased a 50 inch but found it to be too big for our apartment. After returning it however, we purchased a 43 inch which works better although I think the jump from 43 to 50 is too big. We were easily able to set up our wifi, amazon, and youtube accounts. the web browser is pretty basic but it works. installing the smartview app on iphones was easy and were initially impressed with it until it stopped working abruptly. It simply wouldn't connect. It later started working again, perhaps on its own, not sure but we did attempt to update the firmware although we already had the most current (we've read a lot of complaints about the smartview app online). the picture quality and the audio for us seems exceptional. there are a lot of snobs who've reviewed both aspects and complained but seriously those people need to get a life. I definitely recommend the tv. consider your size needs before purchasing.

  • Karen Judd - Weight loss and energy!!

    I’ve been taking this Fat Burner for about 2 weeks. I workout daily and have been trying to lose weight before my birthday trip to Florida in September. I’ve really noticed a difference in many areas. My appetite has decreased dramatically. I’m a snacker but this product has really help me fight my cravings. I feel full longer and I eat smaller meals. I do moderate exercise. Nothing too intense. I’ve already lost weight! I’ve been eating more protein and less carbs also. I did get a bit of nausea when I first took this Fat Burner but I now take the pills with my breakfast so I get zero nausea. That was probably my bad taking it on an empty stomach though. I also really enjoy the burst of energy this fat burner gives me!!! No pill is a miracle pill but this fat burner really does what it says!!!! I recieved this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • R. Chen - Check your chip!

    I'm very disappointed. This chip doesn't boot right away. Tried 2 different mobo's and had to send it back for replacement. Like the other poster said, check your chip! Mine had a fingerprint across the top, even though the box was factory sealed. Either Intel's quality control dropped or something else is amiss...

  • Amazon Prime customer - One of the best health-related book I've ever read

    This is very helpful to know. I've been oil pulling for a while, but I had only researched online where there is half truths everywhere. This book really helped me to understand why oil pulling works and how. It's not 'magic' as some websites described oil pulling to be. I almost don't have my eczema anymore and my acne is going away slowly...

  • Marc003 - It works for me!

    I have tried many different hangover ‘remedies’ in the past with varying success so it would be fair to say that I was a little sceptical at first. The science behind what seems the key ingredient, Dihydromyricetin, appeared convincing, but I’ve seen all the hype and ‘science’ related to other such products in the past so always take this with a pinch of salt!