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  • Anna - It's alright....

    I got my order in the mail today and skimmed through the book. I'm pretty sure most of the material is identical to the 2010-2011 version. The only difference between the two is that the full practice test is online for this version (you have to make an account in the Kaplan website to access the exam). I guess this will help you get used to the new format of the PCATs since everybody has to take them on the computer nowadays...but if you don't mind paying a few extra bucks for the online exam, I would recommend buying it. The reason I gave it 3 stars was because I was disappointed that nothing much has changed since the last version.

  • SKWI - STAY AWAY this is too expensive to not be comfortable.

    Terrible product. It is too hard feels like sleeping on the floor with no support at all. Messed up our backs, shoulder and neck. I got it from the CASPER site directly and called to get a topper. Customer service was useless. She said they could offer me a topper for $150. The free topper they claimed to offer was only a trial period now she would offer me one for $150 or an amazon link for a $90 topper. That is all the offer after I answered tons of non sense questions. I unfortunately wanted to give it a try and did not return in the 100 day period. STAY AWAY this is too expensive to not be comfortable. I wished I had read the reviews carefully.

  • Gwen - Sacrifice

    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Jarek Sen Claron is the War Master, a Preor warrior and Dragon shifter. He is escorting some other Preor males to Earth to meet with the Ujal, who are assisting the Preor find human mates. Jarek gave up hope of having a mate and a family a long time ago, he is 457 cycles old. Things go left at the meeting when Jarek experiences the Knowing. It's an instant download of the mating bond and other fun facts and super intense and painful to be separated from your mate. His mate is very close to the Ujal royal family and human. Then things get even crazier as a fight breaks out and Jarek is injured. After knowing the extent of his injuries Jarek feels inadequate of mating his human, Melissa. Melissa is the nanny to Prince Tav and principessa Rina. She is Erun''s sister in law and is on a mission to right the wrongs committed by her brother. She is not immediately accepting of Jarek'Sen claiming of her, she is extremely resistant. There's more fighting on the horizon yet in the meantime Jarek and Melissa are able to connect and grow closer and not only because of the Knowing.

  • Gabby - Rolls up on the face, and doesn't hide trouble areas

    I have used some great CC creams before. This is not one of them. I would honestly return it if I hadn't waited so long, trying to give it the good college try. The cream is the right shade for my skin, but it doesn't cover my trouble areas well at all. My cheeks are still rosy red, and my under eye area is still blue. The only reason I even know I'm wearing any is because the moment I smear it on even half a second too long, it begins to clump and comes up. Have you ever applied glue to your hand, let it dry, and then rubbed it? You know how it rolls up into a nice, long, tube-shaped piece of glue? That's what this CC cream does if you apply it just a second too long. It rolls up and off of your skin immediately. I would recommend that if you are in the market for a good CC cream, that you continue the search.

  • Tamden Service - Do not buy if you only have windows 8.1 64bit (not kidding)

    Do not buy this if you have windows 8.1 warning will work fine with windows 7 64bit lucky for me but it will not work on my windows 8.1 laptop 64 bit. Microsoft is starting to be more trouble than its worth. good for windows 7 64bit but it will not work with windows 8.1

  • Suzy R. - These pad work for me!

    I've been using these facial pads for a while now and I do see results. My skin looks firmer and more even toned. I only use one a day and would recommend them.

  • Amazon Customer - Violent Reaction

    This kit was prescribed for me by a chiropractor in Ballwin, MO. I already eat clean and workout so the diet was easy.