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PORTAL CICLO - A CICLO - Renovando Conhecimento é uma empresa especializada no oferecimento de cursos de capacitação, preparatórios para concursos, Exames da OAB e pós-graduações, nas áreas de Direito e Saúde, todos no formato 100% presencial.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • maine - Cleaning the toxic in my body

    The Liquid was everything that i hope it was be. I t has a great taste and i actulally felt energizied when finish drinking.

  • R. Straw - Love Love Love..except the gel, I don't love the gel

    I bought the blue model from the Nuface website during their sale a couple of weeks ago. My eyelash technician who is an aesthetician, raves about Nuface. I complained about my round face, and she suggested Nuface. I have a round face. I workout, but my face stays round. I considered going to Sonobello's (chin lipo). My face looks like a chipmunk, and my chin continues to be doubled. My chin makes my face looks like a round rubber ball. I bought the device, watched the Youtube videos, and began to use it.

  • LarryJ - battery life while in car over cold days

    Haven't had it long...will be interested in battery life while in car over cold days. But seems to function well now,