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  • Randy Richmond - Newer alternative to the Xantrex Link-10 (E-Meter) state-of-charge gauge

    Here are the notable differences between the new Xantrex Battery Monitor (XBM) and the good-old Xantrex Link-10 (E-Meter) battery state-of-charge meter:

  • Dominic Cara - Feed Your Inner Wolf

    Last night I was wearing the Wolf shirt and clipping my toenails. Of course I was drinking whiskey because who doesn't love to get drunk and clip their toenails. Halfway through the bottle I couldn't tell if my pinky toe had any nail left, so I just kept clipping and clipping until I saw blood. Then I felt the Wolf; I had to taste the sweet blood. The flavor made me hunger for more as I began gnawing my foot until I was overcome with raw Wolf aggression. The whiskey in my blood only made my flesh taste more delicious, and made me more drunk. I began to get lightheaded and I took a nap.

  • Kelley .. - Easy on my skin!

    I have tried so many other brands of facial hair remover, but each one left my skin red with rash, that lasted a couple of days, followed by ugly peeling. The barrier cream that you apply first puts a nice cushion between the skin and the hair removal cream, and I have had no redness, rash, or peeling from this product. Thank goodness I found it!

  • Lyndie - You can import 360° video but you can export 360° video!

    I purchased this software because of the 360 degree editing but quickly found a major problem, you can't export a 360 degree video. I tried every scenario possible and even purchased the MPEG4 codec (yes, they make you pay an additional $5 for it). I searched online for tutorials and found a great article written by Magix about how to edit the 360 videos but the article ended with, "When you video is finished, you can export it in the format of your choice and share it online with others.Ready to start cranking out your own 360 degree videos? Get a free test copy of Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus or Premium now!" There's no explanation of how to export the video so that I can "start cranking out my own 360 degree video". I contacted tech support (which is a joke) and received the following response, "Unfortuantely you can only import 360° videos but you cannot export out a 360° video. It will export as 2D." What? So I can import the 360 degree video, I can edit the 360 degree video but I cannot export the 360 degree video! Why would anyone put all the work into editing a video which you can NEVER export? Either this software is a joke or tech support is a joke.

  • uliemae - I thought my husband's bad breath was just something we would have to live ...

    I thought my husband's bad breath was just something we would have to live with. A few days of this product eliminated all signs of halitosis. When he has been without it a few weeks, we all start to notice. Thanks for making a great product.