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  • matthew anderson - Lego 2012 City Advent Calendar

    Really fun way for children to count down the days until Christmas. Designed so this calendar can be used each year. Children reveal a lego piece behind each door starting Dec. 1 through Dec. 25 when they are able to complete Santa's Sleigh.

  • Robert L Fleming Jr - The Waterman Expert, a true luxury writing instrument for far less than a Mont Blanc!

    This is my first Waterman pen, and as an owner of 3 Mont Blanc pens, the Waterman Expert is by far a better deal for those looking for a real luxury writing instrument for under $100.00! While I mainly write exclusivly with a Mont Blanc Meisterstruck 145 fountain pen, i found that it was somewhat of a bother to carry around an ink bottle, so a few years ago i purchased a Mont Blanc Meisterstruck 164 rollerball pen, which really emulates the personal writing flair of a fountain pen without the need to carry around your ink bottle in case your ink runs out. I was compleatly happy using my Mont Blanc 164 and would never consider buying a new pen, until i had used a collegues Waterman Expert when i had forgotten my Mont Blanc at home on one occasion.

  • Vincent Del-Cid - It Works! It Really Works

    I was pleasantly surprised that the Snore Shield works. I tried all sleeping methods to prevent snoring and I was getting ready to be banned to the couch, but the SnoreShield saved that adventure. No more being poked in the middle of the night and being told that I am snoring. I used to wake up with a sore throat, but no more. I definitely recommend the SnoreShield.

  • Amazon Customer - Securifi help me recover the Internet that SPRINT stole from me.

    My story is that Clear (Clearwire Internet) sold me an easy setup wireless modem for $99.00. Just plug it in, turn on your computer, and you have unlimited internet for life for just $29.99, with no software to install. Well...SPRINT didn't like that, so SPRINT bought CLEAR to destroy this company by shutting down all CLEAR's Towers, so SPRINT could remove this great deal from the market (you know how evil cell phone companies like to charge for data -- often by the megabyte).

  • linda - just ok

    have a cement patio and had a lot of alge and ground in dirt. Used this product half chemical and half water and scrubbed 2 different areas with brush and then hosed off. Did not see a significant different. I will try it full strength to see if that will solve the problem. my patio is 20X30 so if it does work full strength it would cost a lot to clean the whole thing

  • jeanno - ... office to try out and I must say everyone loved it, getting ready to order a second time ...

    I bought this coffee for the office to try out and I must say everyone loved it, getting ready to order a second time around.

  • Jenyshopechest - Good Movie

    Amazing graphics...Highly action packed...Great actors & actresses...two thumbs up...Quality picture & clarity. ..Good Price for this great movie. There was so much detail in this movie..Couldn't take your eyes off for a second