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  • Bobby & Yvonne - WOW!

    When the laser projector showed up I waited for dark just to see what it might do. I didn't expect a whole lot because although it's a little heavy it's ........small. We have a couple of large cedars and a maple in the front yard with the house sitting in the center. I went out about 30' and planted the light and that small light lit up everything in the front with green and red flashing lights that would take thousands of Christmas lights to accomplish. From the tops of 50' trees to the ground and then some everything was Christmas bound.

  • Roger Williamson - Not Good

    Would not download onto my computer ,even using their tech taking control of my computer, they still couldnt get it, returned to Amazon

  • Matt F - About 1 year and 60lbs later

    Not being a believer in "diets", it was a giant step for me to try a "diet supplement". I'm glad I did as I have slowly and consistently lost weight (and more important to me, body fat). I've been in "maintenence mode" now for about 3 or 4 months (no longer trying to reduce body fat just taking steps to stop it coming back). The weight I lost happened over roughly 8 months. Was this a miracle diet supplement? No. However, this product, the coaching/information from Realdose, and frequent and regular exercise made a powerful combination which I attribute to my success. I learned a lot and changed my habits significantly to get back to the shape I wanted to be in.

  • Nancy J. Fiorenza - The poor guy (a teen of course) had huge acne breakouts ...

    I got to try this for free from Smiley 360 for my son. The poor guy (a teen of course) had huge acne breakouts which made him feel so bad we have tried every product known to man with little to no results so I was a little skeptical about trying another product only to be let down. This is really simple to do in 3 simple steps Step 1: Wash your face with Oil-free Purifying Cleanser.•Step 2: After cleansing, apply Renewing Toner.

  • Richard W. Ruch - This is an excellent way to give the"Grand kids" something from grand dad

    I have collected the states quarters and filled 3 books for my non-existent grand children! This is an excellent way to give the"Grand kids" something from grand dad!!